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Jon Gosselin Is Now World’s Biggest Scumbag

I’m not saying it. Per se. But talent bookers, who help keep d-list celebrities employed and making money, are. Check out E! Online’s profanely named Answer Bitch on Jon’s booking problems.

Jon Gosselin Describes Himself with his Shirt.
Jon Gosselin Describes Himself with his Shirt.

Which is all too bad. Jon was actually kind of sympathetic when his uber-beeyotch of a wife was needlessly and constantly biting and sniping and trying to crush his soul in service of her high-and-might queendom.

Now, he’s utterly unsympathetic. He’s responded to a nasty insult by getting in his car and running over the insulter’s cat. Then setting their house on fire.

He’s gone from being a kind of nice, if spineless, guy to a ballsy, but still often passive-agressive, creep.

Like when he had some skank he had shagged a few times come watch the kids while he was filming his segment on Jon & Kate. And Kate wanted to come check on the kids, and he wouldn’t let her in, and she called the police–uber-beeyotch at work, yes, but still–and then the police told her she had to go away.

That whole “sharing the house with your former spouse that you went through an ugly divorce with for the sake of a reality television show” is a bad idea, BTW.

This weekend, he got a gig hanging around at the MGM Grand Hotel or something in vegas, and, according to People:

During the two hours he was present, Gosselin, sporting shorts and a collared shirt, was spotted collecting a few phone numbers and mixing drinks for scantily dressed women.

Well, at least it doesn’t look like he’s planning on settling down again. Clearly, getting married is not his gig.


Yes, I’m Looking at DirecTV Again, But . . .

There are always interesting offers for Direct TV, especially if you still us cable (in my case, Comcast) like I do. But I have a bundled Cable/Internet account and can still do something with the basic cable signal I can’t do with DirecTV . . . I can split it and send it all over the house. I think we have 6 TVs fed with basic cable now. For no additional cost whatsoever. I can find no way to do that with sattelite television. Just can’t.
I Can Hook Up As Many TVs as I Want to to Cable, With Not Extra Equipment and No Extra Money.

Boy, if only I just had one or two TVs. The prices, especially for new sign up, just can’t be beat with DirectTV. There’s a 200+ with HD DVR HD package that’s just $54.99 a month  . . . admittedly only for the first 12 months, but still. For a basic family entertainment package for $29.99, which is apparently the every day low price. Only 45+ channels, not quite as good as cable, but it’s a great price . . . almost nothing available from the cable companies that amounts to $30 bucks a month. Still, there’s no easy, inexpensive way to share that signal among multiple TVs, not to mention no way to make it possible for one person to watch something in the living room while someone else watches something different in the bedroom and somebody else watches something else in the kitchen, which happens a lot in my house.

Then there’s the Internet. I can get DSL, but I end up paying the same amount for Internet access that I do now. Satellite television is a better deal for people who don’t need a lot of TVs going.

All of which isn’t to say it’s not possible to have a house with seven TVs hooked up to your DirectTV. It’s just not cheap, and thus not practical for me. And I believe I have to have one or two extra satellite dishes installed to boot. Sigh.


Playboy Model Jasmine Fiore Killed By Crazy Husband

Jasmine Fiore and Murderous Husband Ryan Jenkins
Jasmine Fiore and Murderous Husband Ryan Jenkins

Shades of Dorothy Stratten. Jasmine Fiore’s husband, Ryan Jenkins, killed her, apparently. Then comitted suicide himself. Apparently.

The Lovel Jasmine Fiore
The Lovely Jasmine Fiore

Rest in Peace, Jasmine Fiore. Murderous husband Ryan Jenkins? Not so much.

Les Paul Is Dead

Michelle Malkin mentions it. Shows ya how the passing of Les Paul transcends traditional boundaries.

Les Paul Plays a Guitar
Les Paul Plays a Guitar

More thorough coverage at the Artsbeat New York Times blog.

Steven Tyler Falls Off Stage at South Dakota Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Steven Tyler fell off the stage at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The sound system failed during the concert, so Steven Tyler tried to entertain the audience by dancing around, and the 61 year old rocker fell of the stage and got rushed to the hospital, thus ending the show.

Steven Tyler falls of his rocker in South Dakota.

Steven Tyler falls of his rocker in South Dakota.

It’s Not Exactly Pre-Crime, But The Internet Offers Up Tools for Stopping Murderers Like George Sodini

George Sodini Revealed His Evil Plans In His Secret Hidden Blog Source Code.

George Sodini Revealed His Evil Plans In His Secret Hidden Blog Source Code.

Of course, you’d have the analyze “the hidden source code” of every blog in the world. See, ABC reports that George Sodini revealed in a “hidden blog post” that he would consider not going on a murderous rampage, if a particular woman he was stalking would be his girlfriend. Sheesh. 48 years old and still willing to sacrifice his goals and dreams just to get with some woman. Not much of a man, Mr. Sodini.

In a written but unpublished post to his blog, the 48-year-old gunman wrote that if a particular woman he admired from afar would be his girlfriend, he would “cancel this plan or put [it] on hold, at least for a while,” ABC News has learned through an analysis of his blog’s hidden source code.

I don’t know. The whole “hidden blog post” thing sounds weird to me. Convenient, for newsmongers. But maybe so.

Ryan O’Neal Hits On Own Daughter at Farrah Fawcett Funeral

Ryan O’Neal apparently propositioned his own daughter at Farrah Fawcett’s funeral. Holy-moly.

Wow. On the one hand, that’s really creepy. On the other hand, I’d hit on Tatum O’Neal. She’s cute.

Tatum O'Neal is Awfully Cute, But You Think He'd Recognize His Own Daughter. Even if it had been a while.

Tatum O'Neal is Awfully Cute, But You Think He'd Recognize His Own Daughter. Even if it had been a while.

“That’s our relationship in a nutshell,” Tatum said. “You make of it what you will . . . It had been a few years since we’d seen each other, and he was always a ladies’ man, abon vivant.”

Well, I suppose that’s a positive attitude to take to your own old, creepy father hitting on you at the funeral of his just deceased significant other. Good for her. She’s probably better balanced than he is.

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