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Jon Gosselin Is Now World’s Biggest Scumbag

I’m not saying it. Per se. But talent bookers, who help keep d-list celebrities employed and making money, are. Check out E! Online’s profanely named Answer Bitch on Jon’s booking problems.

Jon Gosselin Describes Himself with his Shirt.
Jon Gosselin Describes Himself with his Shirt.

Which is all too bad. Jon was actually kind of sympathetic when his uber-beeyotch of a wife was needlessly and constantly biting and sniping and trying to crush his soul in service of her high-and-might queendom.

Now, he’s utterly unsympathetic. He’s responded to a nasty insult by getting in his car and running over the insulter’s cat. Then setting their house on fire.

He’s gone from being a kind of nice, if spineless, guy to a ballsy, but still often passive-agressive, creep.

Like when he had some skank he had shagged a few times come watch the kids while he was filming his segment on Jon & Kate. And Kate wanted to come check on the kids, and he wouldn’t let her in, and she called the police–uber-beeyotch at work, yes, but still–and then the police told her she had to go away.

That whole “sharing the house with your former spouse that you went through an ugly divorce with for the sake of a reality television show” is a bad idea, BTW.

This weekend, he got a gig hanging around at the MGM Grand Hotel or something in vegas, and, according to People:

During the two hours he was present, Gosselin, sporting shorts and a collared shirt, was spotted collecting a few phone numbers and mixing drinks for scantily dressed women.

Well, at least it doesn’t look like he’s planning on settling down again. Clearly, getting married is not his gig.


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