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Lee Majors Now Has Real Bionic Ear, Just Like Steve Austin

Lee Majors now really has a bionic ear, just like his famous character, Steve Austin, in The Six Million Dollar Man. Except it’s a hearing aid.

Six Million Dollar Man Now Selling Hearing Aids. Which is cool.
Six Million Dollar Man Now Selling Hearing Aids. Which is cool.

I just love this kind of stuff. While I’m sure Lee Majors has nothing to do with the hearing aid other than advertising, it remains a classic way to market products. And it’s always nice to see commercials about products that just, I dunno, tell you about the product. Such merchandising can help provide a nice cashflow, for a period of time, for Lee Majors kids and grandkids.

And it’s just cool. Reminds me of the old days of advertising. You go, you Six Million Dollar Man, you.

Another less interesting thing was the often tedious, yet often funny, Seth McFarlan’s Family Guy last night. The episode where Meg gets religion.

Meg finds God on Family Guy.
Meg finds God on Family Guy.
Which wasn’t terrible, but Seth McFarlane’s self-back-patting self-aggrandizement of how wonderful and brave he is for being an atheist, and expressed through the family’s alcoholic dog, Brian, was tediously cliche.
First, Meg becomes religious because her family is horrible and she just hasn’t found enough secular interests to occupy her–at which point she would, presumably, give up that whole goofy “God” thing. Then, Meg feels obligated to proseltyze other people obnoxious (you know how those Christians are) . . . and then Meg, of course, takes part in a book burning. You know, like all those book burnings Christians are always do these days.
Apparently, Seth McFarlane likes to smoke the crack.
The books being burned? Well, I remember Darwin’s “Origin of Species” and a book titled “First Grade Logic” being burned. Because you know how those stupid Christians hate logic.
Oh, and Meg gets the news to report to the town that Brian–the dog–is an atheist, and then those nasty Christians keep attacking Brian wherever he goes, throwing him out of stores and bars, etc. You know, like really happens. Anywhere. Ever.
Finally, Brian convinces Meg to renounce God by pointing out that she’s ugly and her life sucks. And what kind of God would allow her to be unattracitve and have challenges in her life!
Some one is burning the first grade logic books here, and it ain’t those book burning Christians. And when was the last time a group of Christians got together to burn books?
BTW, to be clear, burning books is bad. It ain’t the answer to anything. Just so you know.
Sigh. Laterz.

Angela Lansbury Prepares to Eat Rupert Everett While Julie Andrews Looks on in Horror

Nah, there was just a picture taken, and now everybody is looking for Angela Lansbury. Well, here she is.

Angela Lansbury, Julia Andrews and Rupert Everett.
Angela Lansbury, Julia Andrews and Rupert Everett.

Not the prettiest picture, necessarily. But Angela Lansbury still rocks. Super-duper.

Valerie Bertinelli Gets Photoshopped On People Magazine

You folks are apparently excited that a 48 year old Valerie Bertinelli has been smart-blurred and median-filtered on the cover of People magazine.

Valerie Bertinelli Photoshops up Real Nice.

Valerie Bertinelli Photoshops up Real Nice.

In other exciting news, Mary Tyler Moore was on David Letterman. Good for her. Yay, Mary!
Mary Tyler Moore.
Mary Tyler Moore.

Nothing else is particularly interesting to me right now.

In other stuff, there is kvetching about the Watchmen movie and trying to sell some software at the Software Supply Group blog.

And here’s a blog about the Padded Transfer Bench Commode. In case you’re interested.

You Guys Got Something Interesting Planned?

I dunno, but apparently a lot of you are searching for bullet proof clothing.

Or maybe you’re searching for Obama’s bullet proof suit for the inauguration. Because, you know, all those crazy right winger who want to kill the president.

Obama is Bullet Proof, Baby!

Obama is Bullet Proof, Baby!

Don Imus Has Prostate Cancer, Ron Silver Is Dead

Or, as the New York Times blog has it, Don Imus says he has prostate cancer. Cuz, you know, you can’t trust that guy. Maybe it’s all a publicity stunt.

Don Imus Has Prostate Cancer
Don Imus Has Prostate Cancer

In other news, Ron Silver has died of esophageal cancer. Sucky news all around today, if you ask me. Ron was an otherwise liberal guy who supported the war on terror, so he got kinda ostracized in Hollywood. Here’s to a talented man who had a great career, and took some very brave and gutsy moves.

You’re also very interested in, a site that apparently gives away napkins. Well, good for them.

Obama Lifts Bush’s Non Existent Restrictions on Stem Cell Research

And what good timing, given all the advances that have been made in non-fetal stem cell research.

Obama Spends More Money on Fetal Stem Cell Research, and the New York Times Acts as if The Nazis Have Been Defeated and Apartheid has been Repealed. Simultaneously.

Obama Spends More Money on Fetal Stem Cell Research, and the New York Times Acts as if The Nazis Have Been Defeated and Apartheid has been Repealed. Simultaneously.

But, the New York Times is so happy that Obama is giving the a-okay to government funded harvesting of embryos, the facts don’t matter, either about Bush’s non-existent restrictions on stem cell research or the serious advances in non-fetal stem cell research.

What am I saying? The facts never matter to the New York Times.

There was no federal funding at all of embryonic stem cell research before Bush. The “limitations” were on using new stem cells, in America, and only applied to researchers getting federal funding–ergo, the limitation only applied to those researchers spending the tax payers money instead of their own, or the donations of interested parties.

There was never any stem cell ban. There are no restrictions being lifted, criteria is just being expanded.

And on and on. The whole thing is just stupid.

Never mind. I was checking out of the whole politics thing. I need to stay there. People are tedious, uninformed, and willing the believe total bullshizzle and put Big Brother in charge of their lives and give up everybody else’s money, so what am I gonna do?

Sit around and wait for the next release of Super Paper Mario or the next Legend of Zelda title. Those will be awesome. It’s what any rational person would do, given the state of things.

Erika La Tour Eiffel Marries the Eiffel Tower

Apparently, she’s into monuments and inanimate objects.

She has a physical relationship wit ha piece of fence she keeps in her bedroom. But that’s just sexual. Her heart belongs to the Eiffel Tower.

I Married the Eiffel Tower! And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!

I Married the Eiffel Tower! And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!

Apparently, she’s an Objectum-Sexual woman. Also known as objectophilia. Very strange.

So, she married the Eiffel Tower. I think there’s a TV series in their somewhere.

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