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How The Broward County Shooter Wasn’t Stopped Even Though The Whole Thing Could Have Been Prevented

Short answer: Broward County in Florida is super-corrupt and were intentionally not prosecuting crime and criminals and basically pretending nothing bad was happening anywhere in their county in order to scam the Federal government for money: i.e., stealing US tax payer dollars by pretending to be safe and crime free when, in fact, they just weren’t prosecuting crimes.

Broward County School Shooting

This is all bullshit. Miami-Dade, and then Broward County, reduced juvenile delinquency by refusing to prosecute crimes. To keep the numbers getting better, the kinds of crime they refused to prosecute got worse and worse. Then a guy shows up with a gun at a school and starts shooting people. Dumbasses. They all need to go to jail.


The original Twitter Thread.

The Analog Super NT Is Here

The Analog SuperNintendo game playing Super NT is here.


Makes me wish I had kept all my old Super Nintendo cartridges. Hint: I did not. Dumbass.

Endgadget also covers the topic, but I prefer Film Goblin’s Super Nintendo and Retro Game coverage because I know those guys and they rock.

I had a Super Nintendo back in the day. Playing Super Mario World on my SNES back in the day was perhaps the best gaming experience I’ve ever had, and because I’ve become super-jaded in my old age, probably the best gaming experience I ever will have. As such, I’d love to be able to get a SuperNT, and totally would. If I hadn’t sold all my old Super Nintendo cartridges for pennies on the dollar like a moron. Crap.


Rose Tico Fan Fiction Is Best Thing Ever

This story about Rose Tico and Robocop fighting Ultron and Hector Hammond and whoever else this kid has action figures for is perhaps the best thing ever on the Internet. I mean, ever.

Rose Tico Robocop Star Wars Fan Fiction

Rose Tico and Robocop team up fro the best Star Wars movie since Return of the Jedi. If only it were a real movie. This is what Lucasfilm should be doing. Just sayin’.

All Star Wars fan fiction should include pictures put together with action figures. God, this is awesome. Go see it now!

Forkin’ Rose Tico.

There’s Gonna Be a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Movie

There’s going to be a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos movie.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Movie

It’s All About the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Seriously.

Yah, you heard right. A movie about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

That’s what you’ve been waiting for, I know it. A movie about Cheetos.

Well, Frito-Lay and Hollywood are teaming up to make it happen.


Uber Is Making Flying Taxis

Uber is making flying taxis.

Uber Flying Air Taxi

Uber is going to make air taxis. Not sure how this is gonna work but that’s some Jetson’s shit right there.


Also, these ladies like each other.

drunk girls kissing

Hot Drunk College Chicks Kissing. I Never Ran Into These Chicks in College. But they apparently like kissing each other.

All right. Later.

David Hogg Refuses To Go Back To School Until He’s Declared Dictator for Life of US

David Hogg says he won’t return to school until gun control legislation is passed. In other words, he’s never going back to school and is now a free-lance activist for-hire.

David Hogg is a Shill

Sure, he looks like an insufferable git, but he’s trying to achieve justice for people killed in shootings, which is almost as many kids a year as kids killed by looking at their cell phones when they should be looking at the road.

What an awesome excuse. That would have not worked for me, even if I had gotten shot. Eh, different times.

Here’s an attractive lady:

A lovely lady with large breasts in a peach tube top

A lovely woman in a tube top is worth a thousand pictures of media-whorish dudes taking advantage of school shootings to propel themselves to celebrity.

So you can wash the image of the self-righteous git above out of your eyeballs.

Later, Peepz!

This Dude Says White People Shouldn’t See Black Panther

This crazy mofo says white people shouldn’t see Black Panther because of social justice and stuff.

Black Panther

Black Panther knows this dude is crazy.

You so crazy, Internetz. Laterz!

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