More on Why Hyper-Sexualized Super Women Are Awesome

And why supernormal, hypersexualized female people being half-naked and unrealistically sex is perfectly natural and just fine and the people bitching about it have their heads up their butts:


Here’s the new article, Comic Book Hyper-Sexualization Part II: Why Men Like Half-Naked Ladies. Touches on the history and how secondary-sex characteristics trigger certain instinctual responses and that’s why comic book ladies have big boobs.

Comic books have sexy ladies in them and always will. Get over it!


And here was the first one: Why Men Love Beautiful Super Women.

It’s good stuff. Read it and see! Seek wisdom, young, vaguely-aroused, supernormally-stimulated young man!

Laterz, my hot sexy super peoplez!

Soon We’ll Have Bionic Eyes

Soon we’ll be able to have bionic eyes like the six million (soon to be six BILLION) dollar man and it will be awesome. Check this out:

Nanotechnology Takes Steps Towards Artificial Retinas


In line with this focus on human senses, in the future artificial retinas integrated with the human body may not only repair damaged vision but also expand it to see a wider range wavelengths (e.g. ultraviolet light).

Oh yeah. Cannot wait!


“Our self-powered vision e-skin is different from traditional complex integrated systems and combines the electricity-generating, photo-detecting, and neurobionics of signal transmission into one single chemical/physical process,” explains Xue. “In this process, the photo detecting units in the e-skin harvest human-motion energy and output triboelectric signals containing the photo detecting information, acting as both the power source and the photo detecting signal for mimicking vision.”

The future is gonna be way cool, Internet People! Be happy and optimistic because shizzle only gonna get better!

So Captain Marvel Verified To Be In Infinity War

Or Captain Marvel will be in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. One of those Avengers Infinity Thing.

Film Goblin, and everybody else, has the Captain Marvel In Avenger’s Infinity War or Gauntlet or Whatever scoop!

Captain Marvel Fights Thanos in Infinity War

Captain Marvel flies with golden robots but doesn’t have screwed up Katy Perry hair yet, so that’s good.

Captain Marvel has a long history of fighting Thanos. She even used to fight him back when she was a dude!


So, cool.

Marvel’s Avenger’s Infinity Wars: Carol Danvers vs. Thanos + Some Other Guys starts April 23rd, 2018, and will be running until the end of infinity. Hence the title.

Laterz, people!

Deadpool 2 Final Trailer is Revealingly AWESOME

So the Final Deadpool 2 Trailer is here and what do you think about that?

“Pump the hate breaks, Thanos.”

“We’re gonna form a super-duper-fucking group!”  – “It’s time to get back on LinkedIn.”

“So dark! You’re sure you’re not from the DC Universe?”


OMG. This is the best movie ever made. And I just mean the trailer. DeadPool 2 is coming out, like, soon. And I can’t wait to see it. You know you can’t either. So watch the trailer over and over again like I am doing right now while I’m typing this.


Laterz, Interwebzers!

So I Am Bored Today And Was Thinking . . .

So what to do when I’m bored? Let’s see . . .


Boobs. Yeah, I’ve Done This One Before. But It’s Worth Doing Again.

Yup. Objectively and undeniably true. Evidence for my case as follows:


Man, She’s Cute.


Shy Love. Doesn’t Look So Shy. Excellent Underboobage.


Bianca Beauchamp Swallows. The Rain. While In Black Latex. Grabbing Her Own Breasts.


Keeley Hazell Topless, Practically Nude, Just covering up the last of the undisplayed naughty bits.


Keeley Hazell Presents Her Splendiforous Cleavage!


Gotta Love Keeley Hazell with the torn-shirt, showing underboob and sideboob kind of thing going on.

And that concludes my argument. The truth of the proposition is undeniable, I’m sure you agree.

Well, peoplez. Laterz!

The Top Ten Movies To Pay Off a Summer Home

This is why I like the guys at FilmGoblin. They cover the real stuff. Like this:

The Top Ten Movies Made to Pay Off a Summer Home.

Like Bill Murray doing Garfield. Like, you can’t deny it.


Sandra Bullock should be in that list. I think she had live 7 houses in various states of remodeling at one time. She rents a lot of them out and then sells some. I think she only has a few houses now. But still, she’s taken a movie to buy herself a new house to play with. You know she has.

Sandra Bullock has Many Many Homes

Yeah, I’d totally buy a house with her.

And that’s all I’ve got say about that.

Laterz, my friends on the Interwebz!

Gay People Are In Movies Too

Haven’t seen Love, Simon myself, but here’s a review. And apparently it’s changing the world.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something like this movie before, and this basic plot on TV shows and Afternoon School Specials or some such thing. Seems like it ought to be taking place in the 90s, with all the “oh no I’m gay but nobody knows”.

Okay, you’re gay, and you don’t want to tell anybody because you’re George Michael and you live in 1983. I get it.

Apparently it’s a good movie but I’m not seeing this in the theater, because I’m not gay.


Sorry. Gay just isn’t going to work for me. It would never even start to work for me. I just couldn’t even. But if you are gay and reading this, then good for you! Enjoy your gayness! I’m going to enjoy my hetero-ness and I’m never going to use the term “cisgender” ever about anything. Have a nice day!

Make it a different kind of movie and I might have, but I think I’m going to wait for HBO. But if you’re gay TOTALLY GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW!

And that’s might not having actually seen the movie review.

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