Ave DuVernay Gets New Gods After Bombing With A Wrinkle In Time

For some reason Ava DuVernay was tapped to direct some sort of DC New Gods project after bombing with A Wrinkle In Time.

Oprah had something to do with it, I’m sure.


Well, I guess this will be just another DC project to tank. So what else is new?

Laterz, my peepz!

New Lara Croft Movie Not Lara Croft

How is this Lara Croft?

Sorry, I just don’t get this movie. It’s not Lara Croft like the original game or the original movies, it’s just another bland action movie filled with blandness. Eh, good luck to them.

Now, this is Lara Croft:

Or this, of course:

You know I’m right.

Everything with Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, if you ain’t seen it already.

Laterz, peoplez!

John Constantine Is Back, He’s Back Again

Yay, more John Constantine.

No, not that one. The new one. That’s blonde.

Turns out he’s going to be a regular on next season’s Legends of Tomorrow on the CW. Might have to watch it now. Goddarmit. Another time suck. But that’s life, right, peoplez?

Be excellent to each other!

Just Some Stuff For Today Cuz Bizzay!

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And when I say I’m bizzay, I mean I’m gettin’ BIZ-AAAY!

Laterz, my peoplez. Meh, you don’t care, you haven’t even noticed I’m back.

Star Wars Is Dead And Over They Killed It

Star Wars, Crap It Has Become, Yes

Nerd Fight over Star Wars just proves what they are arguing about: Star Wars is dead. Some goobers like the new, random, poorly written, poorly conceived dumpster fire that Disney calls Star Wars now, but it’s all crap.

Picture of next Star Wars movie: Return of the Crap Fire. Here it is:


What a mess they have made.

Rian Johnson claims “credit” for TLJ.  Should have made it an Alan Smithee joint. Cripes. I would have.

Ugh. Laterz, peoples.

Avenger’s Infinity War Trailer Is Awesome

And it looks like Avenger’s Infinity War will be super-awesome.

Love the scene of Steve Rogers holding back Thanos’s gauntleted hand. He’s got power. The power of goodness. Yay, Captain America!

A few questions:

Why is Black Widow blonde? Is she called Blonde Widow now? Did they get the bad programming permanently out of Winter Soldier’s brain? Is this all happening in Wakanda? Were their reshoots to bring in more Black Panther after Black Panther: Wakanda Justice Force made a billion dollars? How can Disney get Avenger’s Infinity War and Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War and everything else so right but get Star Wars so wrong?

Watch and enjoy, my children.

A Touching Essay by a Son To His Father On His Father’s Passing

At FilmGoblin, Hauling Them Rathtars composed a beautiful ode to his recently passed father, and how he knew him through the cinema they saw together and the movies they loved. It’s really, really, really worth reading.

No jokes. No gags. I just really wanted to share this with you.

Have a great day, and if you still have him, go watch a movie with your dad.


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