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1983 Playmate of the Year, Marianne Gravatte, Was Perfect Woman

You hear me right. They could have stopped making women after her. Gorgeous and 100% natural. Another reason why the 80s were the perfect decade


Marianne Gravatte was 80s Hot. Puts today’s so-called Playmates of the Year to shame.

Yassss! She was so beautiful. And basically seemed to disappear after she became Playmate of the year. Not sure what Hef did, but I’m sure it was something bad!

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Ah, well. Regrets, I have a few. But it is what it is. The world still needs more Marianne Gravatte, but I don’t think we’re going to get any more at this point. Alas.

Laterz, Interwebz!

One of These Things Is Not Like The Other

I’m bored. So Sue Me.

Beautiful women and Ross Perot. Presumably that chart is about how hot these chicks make him. Too bad he didn’t become president. He would have been funny as hell, Interwebz. Funny as hell.

Welp. That’s it for now. Laterz, Interwebz!

PS: Don’t forget, humanity has finally learned how to make mayonnaise from bacon. We have reached the pinnacle.


Baconnaise Has All the Great Taste of Bacon, But Suspended in Mayo!

Fraggle Rock Has Turned 35!

Great article on the history of Fraggle Rock and just celebrating Fraggleness.

Brillian stuff from the Knitting Knerd on FilmGoblin. Finally, an entertainment site that tackles the important subject of Fraggles and The Ben Folds Five in one article!

Fraggle Rock Wembley and Red

Wembley and Red discuss important issues down on Fraggle Rock.

I know some people want Fraggle Rock to come back, but it’s never coming back. Everything magic about the Muppets died when Jim Henson did (harsh, I know, but true). If it comes back in any form it won’t be remotely as good or the same or anything else. It’s over. Celebrate it’s life, but don’t mourn The Fraggles. They will always be available on Blu-Ray or digital-on-demand!


Junior Gorg on Fraggle Rock

Picture of yours truly. Now you know why I love Fraggle Rock so much.

Yes, everybody wants Red, Gobo, Wembley, Boober, and the weird white-haired chick back, along with the Doozers and the Gorgs and the rest of it. Not going to happen. Just enjoying what we got, don’t be so damned greedy, Interwebz!

Aight. Laterz, Peoples.

Captain Pike Cast on Star Trek Discovery But Who Care? The Orville is Better.

Star Trek Discovery casts a new Captain Pike even though nobody can see the show and it sounds like it sucks.

Bianca Beauchamp as Sexy Star Trek Lady

I want to watch this Star Trek show. Do people in Hollywood understand NOTHING? Goobers.

The Orville is a better Star Trek. Watch that instead.

Really, you can watch a great and sometimes funny version of Star Trek TNG starring Seth McFarlane that does more to capture Rodenberry’s vision than anything the folks making supposedly actual Star Trek films and TV shows are doing. They have lost their way. They really have.

But at least we’ve got The Orville. Critics hate it because it captures the spirit of the old Star Trek without being the vapid, supposedly-progressive, superficial, shallow, pop-culture often overtly-political-in-the-most-boring-way possible pabulum that has become what Star Trek is “supposed” to be. Christ on a cracker.

Now you know. Go forth and prosper. I mean, Live Long and Prosper. Damn.

More Sexy Vulcans is What Star Trek Is Missing, Along With Everything Else

More sexy Vulcans. Christ, Star Trekkers, it’s not that hard to get right. Go back. Try harder.

Laterz, People!

Batgirl Comes Back Maybe!

Batgirl Is Coming Back Possibly Who Knows Really?

Batgirl Is Back People

Batgirl returns but probably won’t be a super-sexy as this Batgirl because of the New Victorians.

So the Return of Batgirl is near! That could be good, but probably not great, if the history of the DCU right now is any guide. And it probably is.

Anyway, they’ve got some new woman to replace Joss Whedon on the project because of #metoo. So, good for them.

This is the only exciting thing happening on the Internet right now. You’ve been warned.



Laura Posada is Cute Enough. And Perky.

Nanotube-Based Quantum Devices Are On The Way

I find quantum devices based on nano-tubes sexy. So sue me.

Quantum dots in carbon nanotubes have been reported predominantly in the form of decoupled nanotube portions defined between engineered tunneling barriers at metal-nanotube contacts and/or by gate electrodes, or in the form of unintentional localization potentials stemming from environmental disorder. All these structures are usually operated at cryogenic temperature due to the technological challenge to achieve ultra-short quantum dots allowing operation at room temperature.

Krisssht, that gets me hawt!


Bianca Beauchamp in a Purple Bra and Blue Jeans. She likes nano-tubes AND quantum devices.

Laterz, my good peoplez.

Best and Most Enlightening Article on Katy Perry Ever

So my buds at recently published an impressive and in-depth article on Katy Perry.  Something about the nun she killed.

Katy Perry Kills Nuns

Katy Perry is slowly turning into Eminem. How sad for both of them.

Katy Perry Has Issues But . . .

And . . .

So, we’ll always love you, Katy Perry. We’ll always be your little monkey.

Laterz, my Peoplez!

… PS: Latest Katy Perry Gossipz!

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