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It’s Morning (of Doom!) In America. We’re Talking HR 7175 Here. And the Vril Society. Oooo, Scary, Internets

What, nobody cares about hot chicks on the Inter-Tubes in the morning? But you’re still all into the Vril Society?

Okay, weirdos. Whatever. 

Your priorities are all mess up. Just saying.

The Pelosi speech I guess I can see why you all keep looking for it. Even The Guardian over there in Old Britania is more busy writing about that the Princess Charles latest hairstyle. 

But HR 3997? Isn’t that awfully wonky, political-geeky for you? And look at you! Also big into HR 7175. What the heck is that? On Motion to Suspend the Rules and PassSmall Business Financing Improvements Act of 2008, that’s what The Google is telling me. That doesn’t sound promising. Apparently, I can find out how the people voted, but not what it all means. And I guess that’s why you’re looking for it, too. Well, sorry, Internets, but we’re on the same boat this time.

Go look for it on THOMAS. Maybe it will get there. If the government isn’t trying to hide something.

You are all still on about the Terrell Owens controversy, whatever it is. Why do you people care so much about the football? You’re suppose to care about computer geekery and women who dress like elves and superhero chicks. In fact, here’s seventeen girls dressed up like Supergirl. That’s what you Internets are supposed to be looking at, not HR 666 and Terrell “The Boring Football Guy” Owens or Nancy “The Blabber” Pelosi speeches. Jeeze, you people.

Is She Not Like the Hottest Supergirl Ever. I Love Her. This is What You Internets Ought To Be All About This Morning. Not Nancy-frumpin-Pelosi. Sheesh.

Other stuff you’re all about this morning? Bailout Vote! Bailout Fail! Bailout Bill! The economy is crashing. What you gonna do? Nothing. Look at the Supergirl up there. That’s all you got, Internets. That’s all you got now.

Ray Lewis, Haruki Nakamura, and the Kim Kardashian Mambo

Whassup, Peoples?

Right now, the big meme seems to be Ray Lewis. Why? Because the world likes football more than I do. 

People also seems suddenly very interested in The Kim Kardashian Mambo.

Whassup with Kim Kardashian, Who Mambos?

Whassup with Kim Kardashian, Who Mambos?

Who is Haruki Nakamura? More football? What’s wrong with you internet peoples? Football, football, and more football.

The Pelosi speech regarding the bailout is still a big deal. Why? Do you people really think she has something useful, relevant, or remotely interesting to say? Boy, I’ve got more I could say about that, but I gotta put the kids and then myself to bed. One day, I will truly tell you whassup with dat.

Apparently, all you football loving, Kim Kardashian watching folks also want Nancy Pelosi’s email address, too. I hope you’re emailing her that you plan to fire her come November, because whatever we got instead, it’d be better than what we got right now. True, dat. Double true.

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