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It’s Morning (of Doom!) In America. We’re Talking HR 7175 Here. And the Vril Society. Oooo, Scary, Internets

What, nobody cares about hot chicks on the Inter-Tubes in the morning? But you’re still all into the Vril Society?

Okay, weirdos. Whatever. 

Your priorities are all mess up. Just saying.

The Pelosi speech I guess I can see why you all keep looking for it. Even The Guardian over there in Old Britania is more busy writing about that the Princess Charles latest hairstyle. 

But HR 3997? Isn’t that awfully wonky, political-geeky for you? And look at you! Also big into HR 7175. What the heck is that? On Motion to Suspend the Rules and PassSmall Business Financing Improvements Act of 2008, that’s what The Google is telling me. That doesn’t sound promising. Apparently, I can find out how the people voted, but not what it all means. And I guess that’s why you’re looking for it, too. Well, sorry, Internets, but we’re on the same boat this time.

Go look for it on THOMAS. Maybe it will get there. If the government isn’t trying to hide something.

You are all still on about the Terrell Owens controversy, whatever it is. Why do you people care so much about the football? You’re suppose to care about computer geekery and women who dress like elves and superhero chicks. In fact, here’s seventeen girls dressed up like Supergirl. That’s what you Internets are supposed to be looking at, not HR 666 and Terrell “The Boring Football Guy” Owens or Nancy “The Blabber” Pelosi speeches. Jeeze, you people.

Is She Not Like the Hottest Supergirl Ever. I Love Her. This is What You Internets Ought To Be All About This Morning. Not Nancy-frumpin-Pelosi. Sheesh.

Other stuff you’re all about this morning? Bailout Vote! Bailout Fail! Bailout Bill! The economy is crashing. What you gonna do? Nothing. Look at the Supergirl up there. That’s all you got, Internets. That’s all you got now.

You Internets Is So Crazy, Seriously

Suddenly a big deal? Amber Hagerman. She of the Amber Alert. Man, that is a tragic story. But why the sudden interest? Could it have something to do with Kelsey Peterson? You know, the teacher who recently “ran away” with her 13 year old lover? 

Seriously, where were these chicks when I was growing up? I knew guys who fantasized about it, but it never happened. Why are these teacher chicks so crazy now? I blame the Internets. All sorts of stuff has gone crazy since the Internets.

Speaking of the fantasies, all-of-the-sudden-like all of you are interested in Sarah Shahi. Can’t say that I’m blaming you.


You guys are all interested in the Sarah Shahi tonight? Yes, she is quite lovely. Quite lovely.

You guys are all interested in the Sarah Shahi tonight? Yes, she is quite lovely.

You weirdos really want to know about the Vril Society. Why? Doesn’t look like you ever cared about it before. Somehow, I’m sure there’s some sort of leftist kook conspiracy crap at the bottom of this one. I’m sure I’ll be delighted to learn the awful truth of it.

But on the Inter-Tubes tonight is . . . uh, ArginMax. Well, you cheeky little devils. Wanting to boost the girlfriend or wife’s sex drive, presumably by hiding some ArginMax in that killer Kung Pao you’re fixing her up. Well, best of luck with that. Unless the woman is already a bit randy, she’s not likely to be taking that stuff voluntarily–she don’t miss her sex drive, you do, you horny bastard. You selfish horny bastard. Best of luck hiding it in her food, like a fellow trying to feed a heartworm pill to a stubborn pooch. Yeah, I know what you’re up to, you crazy Internets. I know you cold.

Sarah Shahi is not interested in eating your brownies you made her special. Trust me.

In addition to trying a slip a little Spanish Fly to your womenfolk, you people are all a tizzy over John Harbaugh.

Seriously, what is up with you Internets peoples and the football? I’m lost. That’s what I mean when I’m saying you’re crazy. It just ain’t that interesting. Is it? I’m reading about the Harbaugh now, who I had never heard of, and I’m getting sleepy. 

You are also all crazy like over The Gilliand Ranch, because it’s about UFOs and stuff. That’s my Art Bell, Coast-to-Coast AM late night freakies I’m expecting from the Internets this time of night.

Youse guys is also very interesting in mark-to-market accounting. Look, it ain’t that complicated. It means companies have to say something is worth what is actually worth that day instead of what it might be worth at some point down the road. There are good reasons for this, many stemming from the Enron scandal (thanks to Sarbanes-Oxley, the problem is mark-to-market is making accurate valuations of certain financial instruments very tough, thus contributing the current financial crisis . . . you know, maybe it is more complicated than I was thinking. Look it up on the Wikipedia. They know everything there!

Also look up commercial paper there, in case you were wondering about that.

Here’s Sarah Shahi again:

Yes, this was necessary. Very, very necessary. No, Im not the one doing all the Internet Searchings for Shahi tonight. But I understand why its happening. I understand very well.

Yes, this was necessary. Very, very necessary. Not gratuitous at all. How else will you understand the true Sarah Shahi?

You’re interested in Life TV right now? And why? No, don’t tell me, you never make sense anyway.


47 Years Old, on Drugs, Arrested, No Makeup, Been Crying and . . . Still Looks Way Better Than You

Heather Locklear: 47 Years Old, on Drugs, Arrested, No Makeup, Been Crying and . . . Still Looks Way Better Than You


Speaking of TV, no love on the Internets for Heather Locklear and her mugshot? Are you just jealous that she’s 47, high, been out partying all night, just got busted, is getting her mugshot made by the friendly LA police people, and she looks better than you do after spending a day at the salon? Yeah, well, sorry, but she does. And that’s just the ugly truth of it, Internets.

But you do like 17 Kids and Counting. Good for you. I prefer Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

More in five minutes. Be more patient, Internets.

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