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I Wonder If I Should Get My Demo Rated . . . .

Huh. is now offering musical artists a chance to submit tracks, beats and lyrics for REAL industry professionals to not only review, but possibly obtain song and track placement on future albums as well as potentially landing a record deal. I dunno. Most of my stuff is way too–um, dense, I guess? Fruity, maybe?–to be good backgrounds for rap albums. But, I must admit, I feel a little tempted.

But the graphics look all rough and gritty. And most of my music is not usually all that rough and gritty. Sometimes, but not usually. For example, Libation . . . is that the kind of demo they’re looking for? I doubt it . . . but, you know. I might submit it, anyway, if it doesn’t cost anything.


What the heck. Here I go!

… oops. It costs money. Too bad I ain’t got none of that these days! Ah, well. If you’ve got $7.99 you want to spend to have Dr. Dre supposedly listen to and rate your demo, then go for it. Otherwise . . . no dice. Too bad. I will remain, forever, an undiscovered talent.

Workin’ It, Workin’ It

Workin it, working it . . . A little more Al Phlipp & The Woo Team for your Monday morning.

The Cover From The Old Horrendous 80s Al Phlipp Album, Fankus!
The Cover From The Old Horrendous 80s Al Phlipp Album, Fankus!

I did a new tune recently, inspired by the passing of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. I call it “The Last American God”:

And another tune, pleasant enough, though inspired by Barack Obama. I call it “The Enlightened Despot”.

More weird, Apple GarageBand Crafted Instrumentals are Available here:

Al Phlipp’s The Experimental Album II

Al Phlipp & The Woo Team Continues To Rock

I like ’em, anyway. The Ballad of the Clean Teeth Cowboy, for instance.

Click to Listen:

Al Phlipp and the Woo Teams Anytown, U.S.A.
Al Phlipp and the Woo Team’s Anytown, U.S.A.

 That’s from the Al Phlipp album, Anytown, U.S.A.

There is also The Deep Sea Letter_”O”. From the same album. Which rocks. Listen to The Deep Sea Letter “O” by clicking below:

The Experimental Album II by Al Phlipp & The Woo Team
The Experimental Album II by Al Phlipp & The Woo Team

A cool track from the Experimental Album II is Effulgent. I’m also partial to Glomming On. Just so ya know.

Also plenty of Classic Al Phlipp from the ’80s on their website. Like We’ve Got Our Batteries (We’re Coming For Your Snoopy Dolls) from the 1986 album, Traumatica.

1986s Traumatic, from Al Phlipp & The Woo Team

Another classic from 1986, Blessed Sacrament, gives us the classic tune, Phyllis Tickle Must Die And here’s the album itself:

Al Phlipp & The Woo Teams Blessed Sacrament, from 1986.
Al Phlipp & The Woo Team’s Blessed Sacrament, from 1986.

Awright. Enough for now. More later.

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