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I Wonder If I Should Get My Demo Rated . . . .

Huh. is now offering musical artists a chance to submit tracks, beats and lyrics for REAL industry professionals to not only review, but possibly obtain song and track placement on future albums as well as potentially landing a record deal. I dunno. Most of my stuff is way too–um, dense, I guess? Fruity, maybe?–to be good backgrounds for rap albums. But, I must admit, I feel a little tempted.

But the graphics look all rough and gritty. And most of my music is not usually all that rough and gritty. Sometimes, but not usually. For example, Libation . . . is that the kind of demo they’re looking for? I doubt it . . . but, you know. I might submit it, anyway, if it doesn’t cost anything.


What the heck. Here I go!

… oops. It costs money. Too bad I ain’t got none of that these days! Ah, well. If you’ve got $7.99 you want to spend to have Dr. Dre supposedly listen to and rate your demo, then go for it. Otherwise . . . no dice. Too bad. I will remain, forever, an undiscovered talent.

Workin’ It, Workin’ It

Workin it, working it . . . A little more Al Phlipp & The Woo Team for your Monday morning.

The Cover From The Old Horrendous 80s Al Phlipp Album, Fankus!
The Cover From The Old Horrendous 80s Al Phlipp Album, Fankus!

I did a new tune recently, inspired by the passing of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. I call it “The Last American God”:

And another tune, pleasant enough, though inspired by Barack Obama. I call it “The Enlightened Despot”.

More weird, Apple GarageBand Crafted Instrumentals are Available here:

Al Phlipp’s The Experimental Album II

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