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What Just Happened? The Rein. And, The Democratics Burned Down the House

That’s a good question. The American Issues Project has an answer:

And this ad from the McCain camp has a little something to say on the issue, too:

Here’s Frank Luntz on the Most Effective Anti-Obama Ad Evah! ¬†So naturally McCain doesn’t want to run it.

Maybe so. Still not as effective, if you ask me, is the more indepth overview of Republicans trying to prevent the financial meltdown while Democrats fought ’em tooth and nail. List to all the Democrats saying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are fine and don’t need any oversight or changes, and how bad Republicans are for even bringing them up. Seriously, it’s amazing. The whole financial mess is tied to the Democrats in a big way right here, and does the McCain camp point people to a website? Offer this video anywhere?

Sheesh. Anyway, here it is:

And don’t forget the follow up, Democratics Be Burning Down the House:

Yah. You wanna know What Just Happened? That just happened, people.

And more, about Bank Affirmative Action. Obama. ACORN. It’s all there.

Forget the debates and the lameness thereof, Internets. This is your homework. You want more financial destruction, elect more Democrats. They think you do want it. And they will be delivering it to you, real soon now. In fact, Democrats can’t even wait for the traditional¬†inauguration¬†day to get into your wallets and start using the global economy as their personal piggy banks.

Burning Down The House: Them Crazy Democratics!

Oh, no they din’t!

Oh, yez they dids!

Watch it and weeps, Internets. Watch it and weeps as you learn the terrible, terrible, terrible truth, while you’re searching for bailout and house roll call and whatnots, learn what really actually happened. And how the magical politics of DC screws us all. Again and again.

Be afraid, Internets. Be very afraid.

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