Yes, I’m Looking at DirecTV Again, But . . .

There are always interesting offers for Direct TV, especially if you still us cable (in my case, Comcast) like I do. But I have a bundled Cable/Internet account and can still do something with the basic cable signal I can’t do with DirecTV . . . I can split it and send it all over the house. I think we have 6 TVs fed with basic cable now. For no additional cost whatsoever. I can find no way to do that with sattelite television. Just can’t.
I Can Hook Up As Many TVs as I Want to to Cable, With Not Extra Equipment and No Extra Money.

Boy, if only I just had one or two TVs. The prices, especially for new sign up, just can’t be beat with DirectTV. There’s a 200+ with HD DVR HD package that’s just $54.99 a month  . . . admittedly only for the first 12 months, but still. For a basic family entertainment package for $29.99, which is apparently the every day low price. Only 45+ channels, not quite as good as cable, but it’s a great price . . . almost nothing available from the cable companies that amounts to $30 bucks a month. Still, there’s no easy, inexpensive way to share that signal among multiple TVs, not to mention no way to make it possible for one person to watch something in the living room while someone else watches something different in the bedroom and somebody else watches something else in the kitchen, which happens a lot in my house.

Then there’s the Internet. I can get DSL, but I end up paying the same amount for Internet access that I do now. Satellite television is a better deal for people who don’t need a lot of TVs going.

All of which isn’t to say it’s not possible to have a house with seven TVs hooked up to your DirectTV. It’s just not cheap, and thus not practical for me. And I believe I have to have one or two extra satellite dishes installed to boot. Sigh.


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