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Do You Believe What I Believe?

This is what I believe.

  1. Swedish Fish are awesome.
  2. These chicks are hot.

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You’re watching the slideshow. You know you are. I collected these pics together like 11 years ago, too. But they timeless. You know, iterwebz. Stay tuned for the surpize ending! And there’s a little treat in the middle, too. Let’s just say it’s a little bit rock-n-roll!

Oh, yeah. Meesa likey!

So Why Aren’t There Mexican People In Hollywood?

Hollywood is supposed to be so inclusive but for a state with a zillion Hispanic peoplez, they sure don’t put many of them in their movies.

Laughing Mexican Guy Laughs at Stupid Gringos in Hollywood

This guy should be in every movie from now on. Problem solved!

There’s A Lack of Latinos (and Latinas) behind and in front of the camera in Hollywood!

At least that’s what Gina Rodriguez says.

Gina Rodriguez ain't no virgin no more

Gina Rodriguez says Mexicans and Latinx and Hispanics and whoever is under represented in Hollywood because of injustice.

Also, what’s with this Latinx shit? Are they going to try and make every Spanish word gender-neutral by changing it to end in X? That sounds dumb. Or should I say: Esx suenx muy estúpidx, amigx.

Christ, like Spanish ain’t hard enough as it is for a guy with an 11th grade education like myself?

Ugh. Laterz, peoplez. Or should I say: Peoplex?

Uber Self-Driving Trucks Are Coming To Kill You

So they finally did it. They finally made murder trucks to hunt us down and kill us all. Good going Uber!

I figure it’s got to be Russian Bots.

These are the end times, people!


A Wrinkle In Time Saves Nine

Is Time Wrinkly? Well, A Wrinkle In Time Says It Is!

So here we go. Disney or somebody is trying to Black-Panther A Wrinkle In Time with Social Justice Wokeness to make people who think the trailers look boring go to see it.


Well, it’s coming, and it’s got Oprah.

Also has Reeses Witherspoons:

And Mindy Lahiri from the That’s So Mindy show!

And that’s what you Internetz is up to. You so crazy!


Best review of The Oscars 2018 I’ve seen on the Interwebz.


Damn, this boy is #woke!

You know who agrees with me that this is the best 2018 Oscars Rundown Anywhere?


Jennifer Lawrence says: #metoo!


The New Mutants Needs More Old Mutants

Apparently The New Mutants needs more old mutants. Or something. They are doing reshoots and adding a new character. I’m guessing Kitty Pryde but who knows.


Will Kitty Pryde come lend The New Mutants a hand in their reshoots? I sure hope so!

Lots of movie do reshoots. Hopefully these don’t mean that The New Mutants is going to suck.

Laterz, Peeplez!

Silver Surfer Movie On The Way

Fox currently prepping new Silver Surfer movie.


Apparently Fox is doing it independent of any Disney acquisition that’s going on, which sounds like setting up a film doomed to be killed. But whatevs.

Laterz, peeps!

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