Neda Agha Sultan Shot Dead. Axis of Evil? Nah, Just a Misunderstanding.

There’s a video of Neda Agha Sultan being shot dead. I’m not posting the video, just follow the link if you want to see it. It’s fairly graphic.

Man, thank goodness Obama gave the speech in Cairo. By his own testimony–before they people started protesting and getting shot–he’s already fixed everything.

Thank goodness we won’t hold this murder of protestors against Iran or the Mullahs. Cuz, you know, we’re a kinder, more compassionate, more understanding nation. Of oppressive dictators and brutal totalitarian thugs. And radical Muslim Theocracies. Yay, Obama!

Fortunately, I have to struggle to keep my house, pay my raising taxes, and fight to keep my job in the constricting economy that Obama is “fixing”. So I’ll be distracted from our government’s tacit endorsement of the murder of political dissidents and brave people standing up against the violence and oppression of real totalitarian regimes.

Which we do not have in this country, BTW. We didn’t under Bush, and don’t under Obama. What’s new with Obama is our endorsement of brutal dictators–and the murder of their citizens, if they become inconvenient–as official  foreign policy.

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