Finally, Someone Had the Sense to Combine Bacon and Mayonnaise


Baconnaise Has All the Great Taste of Bacon, But Suspended in Mayo!

Finally, someone has made a sandwich spread that’s a sandwich all by itself. No longer do you have to combine the bacon and the mayonnaise, it’s already done for you! All you need is the white bread, and you are ready to rock! And they call this miracle of modern food preparation Baconnaise. Mmmm.

For more mouth-watering information, visit the Baconnaise website. Mmmm. Website. If nothing else, read about the Bacon Salty, Bacon Spread making people. Their story is something else.

Still, nothing can replace pure, crispy bacon. Mmmm. Bacon.


Bacon. Mmmmm. Bacon.

Bacon. Mmmmm. Bacon.

While this is an unsolicited endorsement, and I have not been in any way paid, compensated, or coerced to cover this nifty new Baconnaise food product . . . I would take a couple of jars of Baconnaise. If the Baconnaise people wanted to show their appreciation to me. That’s all I’m saying. Not quid pro quo, just a friendly gesture of hungry, bacon-loving blogger support.

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