Singularity University To Solve Worlds Biggest Problems

And, no doubt, to cause much worse ones, as it sounds like it is destined to try solve all problems based on the idea that humanity destroys the purity of the environment, and that our temerity in inventing things causes global warming.

Cory Doctrow posts on Singularity University here at Boing Boing.

And, where it doesn’t, it’ll probably turn out that all the “solutions” are also reviled by the environmentally sensitive. Just like hydroelectric power has been turned into a land-destroying, eco-system unsettling environmental disaster, nuclear energy has been reviled, wind farms come under attack for the noise making people sick and hacking up birds and whatnot, and solar panel installations get held up because it might displace some small bug that might live somewhere in the middle of the desert that apparently can’t live anywhere but where they want to put the solar panels. And so on.

Which is not to say good things won’t come out of this, as I’m sure they will. I just suspect, given that it is sponsored by Google and NASA and presumes a lot of liberal dogmas in its charter, that there will be lots of unproductive social engineering and political agitation to come out of Singularity University, and probably sooner, and more of it, than actual technological benefit.

The university motto:  “Preparing Humanity for Accelerating Technolgical Change”. Sounds more like social engineering (and plenty of superior scolding) than a mandate for actual technological innovation, to me. Just saying.

The Singularity University Website is here.

2 Responses to “Singularity University To Solve Worlds Biggest Problems”

  1. 1 David February 3, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    “Sounds more like social engineering (and plenty of superior scolding) than a mandate for actual technological innovation, to me.” – Agreed.


  2. 2 Memetrics February 4, 2009 at 1:36 am

    I just kinda wish it would be what they are pretending it’s going to be. A university for nothing but solving problems and churning out nanotechnology engineers and AI experts and super-conductive ceramic engineering types . . . would be a good thing. Churning out more people to tell us how the great masses of us are luddites and advocating for taxpayer money to be spent on new HTML classes at the government job re-training centers will not be nearly as useful. Papers on how clean energy is so super groovy and everybody should turn their thermostats down isn’t actually going to solve real problems.

    Where great advances in nanotechnology and super-conductivity might actually be useful.

    Just my two-cents. Worth exactly as charged.

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