You Are All Boring And More Proof Being Male Is a Genetic Defect

Sorry I haven’t posted recently. But you’re all incredibly boring, so that’s why.

However, Intermittent Explosive Disorder is in the big search grab bag this morning. Basically, sounds like being a man and having a temper is a medical disorder now. Well, I guess.

Randy Orton Has Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Damn Men.

Randy Orton Has Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Damn Men.

 Supposed, WWE wrestler Randy Orton has the Intermittent Explosive Disorder, or “a temper”. 

Why do I say it means that being male is more and more becoming a genetic disorder–at least in how the mass media and the education system wants us to look at masculinity? Just a quote from the Huliq blurb on Intermitten Explosive Disorder: 

According to the Mayo Clinic, intermittent explosive disorder occurs most often in young men (no!) and may affect as many as one in 14 U.S. adults.

What’s the implication of that? That it’s mainly or only guys that suffer “Intermittent Explosive Disorder”, which any man can tell you is a frickin’ delusion if you’ve been in any kind of extended relationship with a woman. To this day, I have seen more woman go scary-freaky-hurt-somebody nuclear angry than I have guys. Yes, I know guys do it. But I’ve seen plenty of women Intermittently Explode. And, if you ask me, for less cause than I’ve ever seen a guy do it. 

But, explosive rage is irrational. And women are irrational. So, you’d actually expect them to suffer from Intermitten Explosive Disorder even more. If the biases of our culture didn’t say that women are so good and perfect and peace-loving and men are angry, selfish, sex-obsessed, objectifying, planet-destroying brutes.

You know what makes a man a better and nicer person? Something the women won’t do because they “don’t like the taste”. That’s all I’m saying. Whose fault is this Intermittent Explosive Disorder, really? The guy, who is expected to wait on the woman hand and foot, or the gal, who can’t even make time for a little afternoon mouth-magic on a weekend filled with honey-do projects? Huh? 

I’m totally on Randy Orton’s side on this one.

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