Husband Wants His Kidney Back, and Who Can Blame Him?

Ain’t it exactly like a woman? From

According to Newsday, a New York surgeon, Richard Batista, is asking his wife, Dawnell Batista, for the kidney he gave her in 2001 back, or if she can’t live without it (ha ha)–for $1.5 million in exchange for his regret over the gift.’s conclusion:

Here’s my diagnosis of the case: divorce-induced insanity on the part of client and attorney. No reasonable client or attorney would propose asking for a bodily organ or $1.5 million if desperation weren’t involved.

While true, divorcing the guy who gave you a frickin’ kidney, even if it was seven years ago, is kinda–well, typical of the species. Especially the female of the species. But, ah well. Let them fight it out in court. He ain’t getting his kidney back and probably won’t get financial compensation, but it just shows ya how ugly divorces get–so, if you don’t want an ugly divorce, think hard about getting married. Just saying.

More on the story from The New York Daily News.

A Very Perky, Amply Talented Girl.

Miri Hanai: A Very Perky, Amply Talented Girl.

In other news, Miri Hanai is very perky, very ample, and very bountiful, and very beautiful. So, I’d give her a kidney. Um, with some special dispensation made to me for my sacrifice. Heh.

2 Responses to “Husband Wants His Kidney Back, and Who Can Blame Him?”

  1. 1 Rusty January 8, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    Freakin typical woman crap. Goes to show you no matter what you give, it ain’t never enough.

  2. 2 Memetrics January 8, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    Ain’t it the truth? But you donate body organs knowing that relationships turn sour, so you can’t get your organs back. Unless you put it in a pre-nup, I guess. 😉

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