More Global Warming! It’s Snowing in Vegas.

It’s snowing in Vegas. Don’t worry, all this below-average cold is, in fact, caused by Global Warming.

Because it has to be for scientists to get their funding, be feted by their elite friends and politicians, and for politicians and bankers to make oodles of money with carbon credit scams–I mean, cap-and-trade regulations to “help the environment”.

More and more, Michael Crichton’s essay on Global Warming and Eugenics seems prescient. Or at least darn accurate. 

As we continue to burn money and demonstrate our evolutionary unfitness for survival by sacrificing goats to the Great Goddess of Global Warming so She doesn’t make summers hotter in Burbank or impinge four inches on the shoreline, we’re going to miss Michael Crichton.

Yes, The Global Warming Faithful dismissed him was a sneer (that’s how you could tell he had them to dead-to-rights), but the fact is, he was right, and they were and continue to be wrong. 

Meanwhile, it continues to get colder. Supposedly, it’s just a blip, and we will be right back to warmer summers and less-harsh winter–which saves lives, by the way, one of the many benefits to moderate global warming, if it was actually happening. Which it isn’t. 

Laterz, Internetz.

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