Kelly Ann Abdo Accused of Indecent Exposure

And of having sex with two of her students.

And where were these teachers when I was in school, hmm?

And where were these teachers when I was in school, hmm?

Monroe County Prosecutor William Nichols’ office said Abdo is accused of having sex with the student in a car on a public street, next to a house where there was a high school party.

Other students told the prosecutor’s office that they saw the two naked in the car.

More, and video, from WBIR.

You pipples are also interested in Denise Ogden, yet another school teacher who got involved in a sex scandal. But apparently, not with students, but other faculty.

Apparently she fooled around with a colleague or two on an inflatable mattress brought to the school for specifically that purpose. I’m guessing none of those folks needed any impotence products for erectile dysfunction or other sexual issues.

Jennifer Aniston Takes it All Off, Except the Tie, for GQ.

Jennifer Aniston Takes it All Off, Except the Tie, for GQ.

In other Google Search related news, Jennifer Aniston is appearing nude on the cover of GQ magazine. Hurrah! Clearly trying to rub it in Brad Pitt’s face, if you ask me.

For more excellent pictures of Aniston, check my previous post on Jennifer Aniston and her father, John Aniston. She’s a cutey.

2 Responses to “Kelly Ann Abdo Accused of Indecent Exposure”

  1. 1 Paul December 23, 2008 at 2:24 am

    Americans are pathetic! What’s wrong about people having sex and enjoying their short life! He is not 12 or 8, but 17! Sexual harassment, no oral sex, most sex issues being taboo… No wonder nearly the whole nation is ABSOLUTELY uneducated about sex, supresses it’s natural instincts, which eventually come out in the form of agression and violence. Sex is healthy, natural and it brings joy and pleasure to both participants, you stupid American morons!

  2. 2 Memetrics December 23, 2008 at 2:30 am

    Speaking as a stupid American moron, it really doesn’t bother me that much. And the truth is, it doesn’t both most other American’s that much–it just seems salacious, thus exciting, thus they all want to know all about it, and about 75% of those searching and commenting and saying yay or nay secretly wish it had happened to them. In some form or fashion. And with an especially hot member of the opposite sex.

    But, most smart folks know what the statutory laws are. Wrong or right, they are there, and flouting them often ends up in court and with fines and often jail time. Oughta be some especially awesome boot-knockin’, if they’re risking all that.

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