Leafil Alforque Swept Out to Sea During Wedding Proposal


Proposal Rock, along Neskowin Beach.

Proposal Rock, along Neskowin Beach.

Man, does that suck. An attempt to pop the question at Proposal Rock–which got it’s name from being a place where people propose, obviously–ended with the bride, Leafil Alforque,  being swept out to sea


Leafil Aflorque, the Bride Lost at Propsal Rock

Leafil Aflorque, the Bride Lost at Propsal Rock

More from KGW.com.

Scott Napper, the fellow proposing, is 45. Leafil Alforque was 22.

6 Responses to “Leafil Alforque Swept Out to Sea During Wedding Proposal”

  1. 1 seacaptdon December 15, 2008 at 2:47 am

    As someone who was on location shortly after the fact, I can tell you that Scott Napper was very careless and negligent in this situation. The waves were ferocious anyway and the weather nasty. Napper was warned by a local shop keeper that it was dangerous to go out there and there were signs posted that warned of sneaker waves and the dangers and he chose to ignore them all. The more facts are coming in the more we are seeing that this is not just a accident, but a careless disregard for the life and safety of this young woman. Mr. Nappers post incident actions only confirm his irresponsiblity and disregard for anyone but himself and his self-centered interest. He ALONE is accountable for this devastating tragedy.

    As an American who has become a friend of the Alforque family, and who communicates with them daily, we have created a website to help people to remember Leafil Alforque and to provide regular updates on this story. You can go to that site at http://remember-leafil-alforque.co.cc/ . We suggest that you send messages of encouragement to the family using one of the links on that site.

  2. 2 Memetrics December 15, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Seacaptdon, This does not surprise me to hear. From the moment, this whole situation seemed either suspicious (foul play) or extraordinarily negligent. Turns out it was probably the latter.

    I proposed to my wife at a McDonald’s. Romantic? Maybe not. But 16 years later, we’re still married and we’re all alive.

  3. 3 SororLuna January 8, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    These posts above are unforgivable.

    So enough of the hearsay, or worse, uninformed “opinions” by Seacaptdon and Memetrics.

    I personally know Scott Napper, and played music with him in the Salem Pops Orchestra. So I can tell you the truth of the situation.

    No matter what signs were up, and no matter who warned whom about dangers, and however stupid you may think he was, the fact is that NOBODY wants to have the love of their life killed. For you to suggest that it is was his fault that his whole life is over is extremely cruel. This is the kind of stuff that makes people want to kill themselves, and you want to suggest that this poor man should take the blame for a freak accident, an act of nature? I’ve heard of kicking someone when they are down, but I would have to say that the comments above are probably the cruelest comments I have ever seen anyone make about someone. Nobody can possibly know how he feels right now – and you want to make it worse. It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong here – that’s not the issue; the issue is that the fact someone would make comments such as those above that are this cruel disgusted with my fellow man.

    The only way I can even imagine someone saying something this cruel about anyone – particularly Scott – would be if you didn’t know him at all. And if you don’t know him, like a friend knows him, such as me, then stop posting crap – particularly these lies – on the internet about him.

    As for “foul play” – this again could only be said by someone who does not know Scott Napper. If you knew him – particularly if you knew him before this happened and so you really know him for a significant amount of time, rather than just getting a feeling from a newsclip, you would not even suggest such a thing. I know that this won’t change anyone’s mind who has already formed an opinion, however nobody can have more authority than one of his friends – which I am.

    I can assure you that she had become his very LIFE, and was the most precious thing in it, to the degree that I doubt he will ever recover from this completely. Also, he is extremely devout to his faith and he would therefore never think of harming an enemy, much less his most beloved.

    If you have not been in long-term acquaintance with Scott, then stop offering opinions on the nature of this tragedy. Stop posting malicious lies about him, because – if you didn’t know it – slander and libel are illegal.


  4. 4 Memetrics January 8, 2009 at 9:45 pm


    Thanks for setting the record straight. Speculation, BTW, is not slander or libelous and never is. Neither is asking a question or wondering, which, given the nature of the news reportage, is pretty easy to do. If the new reportage has been wrong or incomplete or painted the wrong picture, you oughta take it up with them.

    I think it’s pretty clear, I don’t know Scott Napper from Adam. But, given what happened, there was some negligence. The world is full of places that aren’t on top of rocks near rip tides to propose.

    Sea Captdon claims to know Leafil Alforque’s family, so he sounds like he might have had a place to say something. I said when I first heard the story, the idea that it might have been foul play crossed my mind, because the circumstances were extraordinary and I didn’t know anything about the story except what was coming across from the news agencies. Not saying he did or didn’t do anything, except that maybe he should have thought twice and proposed at a McDonald’s. Or in a nice restaurant.

  5. 5 zalma O'Renick November 1, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    i just read all this in the net, when my sisterin laws sister told me that there is a web for alforgue’s tragedy, i emiadetely open it and i was so sad, i had imagine scott,how hopeless he was, his last view of his love just gone in an instant.
    to mr scott all i can say is everything has a plan, this horrific tragedy that you’ve been thru was just one of a henious tragedy that we, human being can’t accept.was beyond accepted. we even ask GOD why? we cant understand the why, its not our part to understand.
    my advice is for you to go near to your creator, thank Him for he days aor years that He let you know her, those sweet memories are there. and its yours. i know its hard, maybe you name me crazy but ivve been there in a different situation, but i think losing both my gloving grandparents in tunamy is similar that you’ve been thru. one of my aquintances remind me about the life of Lot, and i was so scarred about tthat. will that was 25 years ago or more but still hurt i always miss them very much.
    but i am happy now and contented with what my creator is giving me.
    so keep up and move on, you are still alive and im sure your Creator has something for you when your ready. move on and ask HIS help.
    you can do it bro.

  6. 6 Frank Talk February 27, 2010 at 12:38 am

    He was negligent. The poor little thing couldnt swim and when the wave came, he looked out for ‘No. 1’ first. Protecting her should have been the first and utmost priority. He better give her family money. That will fix it all.

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