How did Obama Get Elected Again?

As I may have pointed out, we tend to throw the bum out every 8-to-12 years, and that’s a big part of how Obama got elected. And then McCain ran a lousy campaign, had mediocre debate performances, and when he nominated a regular, down-to-earth middle-class woman to be his veep, the elites and Beltway insiders in his own party brought out the long knives. 

Apparently, it’s more complicated than that. Yet are the voters who frequently put a candidate over the top ever that familiar with the issues and their candidate’s policy positions? Seriously? Did this just start with Obamarama?

Uh, no, people.

Barack and Michelle Obama With a little Victory Hug

Barack and Michelle Obama With a little Victory Hug

Can’t we conservatives be the loyal opposition for at least a little while, until the guy gets into office and, I dunno, does something?

Here is, including the Zogby poll that proves most of the people voting for Obama didn’t know jack about him. But, I must insist, this is not new. This is how we always get our president.

The folks voting for Bush didn’t know what they were getting, either.

And this is not the fault of the media. This is the fault of the news consumers and the voters themselves. They aren’t being mislead, they are just lazy. And we’re all going to get the kind of leadership they deserve. That’s Democracy, pipples. It ain’t a scandal. 

But, ya know what? Democracy is still the worst form of government imaginable–except for every other form of government that has ever been tried in the history of man. Paraphrasing a little Winston Churchill there.

Laterz, Peoples.

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