The Endless, Getting Nauseating, Obama Love


Everybody Loves Barack! Tune in Weekly for the Misadventures of That Lovable Little Socialist as he Taxes-and-spends his way to Fun, Fun, Fun!

Everybody Loves Barack! Tune in Weekly for the Misadventures of That Lovable Little Socialist as he Taxes-and-spends his way to Fun, Fun, Fun!

Where are the special mental diseases to describe people afflicted with extreme nausea, due to the unceasing Obamagasm of wet, sticky Obama love the Obamabots and the Mainstream Obamamedia keeps having about Obama being elected? With Bush, there was immediately a Post Election Stress Disorder identified.

The magazine covers of Us and People are dripping with sticky-sweet confections of Obama and family, wondering how the Obama’s deal with the difficulties of being so incredible perfect and wonderful at the same time. I mean, I understand puff pieces, but these pieces are puffing so hard they actually blow.

Even some of very, very, very left-leaning lefties at the Huffington Post seem worried that maybe the Obama love is a little culty.

I think Obama will probably be a pretty good president. Of course, I also thought Bush was going to be a good president, so that shows what I know.

But the worshipful love syrup that the Obamafanatics keep pouring all over everybody is a little much. Find me a magazine with Obama on the cover that isn’t gushing embarrassingly over our new president in a way that you’d never have seen for McCain, and you did not see for Bush or Reagan, and I’ll eat my hat. 

They did it some for Clinton. But not like this. The news is gushing. The media pundits are gushing. Conservative pundits, except for the big talk radio kahunas, are even gushing for them. It’s just gross. Yay, he’s young. He’s a progressive! He’s smarter and better looking and cooler than anybody ever in the history of the world. 

It’s one thing for Oprah, in the heat of the moment, to say the election of Obama is most meaningful thing that ever happened. It’s another thing for almost all of the media to keep saying, and keep saying it, weeks after the election. 

Ugh. Seriously, yah, I’m a rock-ribbed conservitard, but I want to give this guy a chance. I want this to be a good administration. I want Obama to be a good–nay, great president. 

But I’m gonna get sick of the sainthood and the slobbering, sycophantic praise real, real soon.

1 Response to “The Endless, Getting Nauseating, Obama Love”

  1. 1 boreder November 17, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    Looks like Whassup, Peoples is a little bit jealous!

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