Colby Buzzell Blogged from Iraq Until the Army Shut Him Down

Uncool, America. Uncool. Whatever his perspective, this guy is on the front lines. Not only does he deserve props for serving, he deserve to have his voice heard. If he wasn’t disclosing sensitive information about manuevers and whatnot, which it doesn’t seem like he was, there was no reason for shutting him up. Here’s the full story from CNN.

Colby Buzzell, Serving his Country. Apparently getting shot at defending his country was not enough to let him enjoy the right to free speech. Cuz he did not much care for the Iraq war.
Colby Buzzell, Serving his Country. Apparently getting shot at defending his country was not enough to let him enjoy the right to free speech. Cuz he did not much care for the Iraq war.

The UK Guardian on Colby and TroopTube. More from Milblogging.

No doubt, you know where I fall on this. Colby–as long as he wasn’t disclosing sensitive information, like planned attacks or troop movements–should have been fully entitled to say his piece. Unlike anti-military, anti-American moonbats in America, the opinions of soldiers fighting in a war are 100% valuable, and folks at home should get to hear what it is like on the front lines. These people are laying down their lives for us, and it is worth considering what war is like for our sons and daughters before we go into them in the future.
And there will be wars in the future. That is a guarantee.

2 Responses to “Colby Buzzell Blogged from Iraq Until the Army Shut Him Down”

  1. 1 Someone with a Sense Of Humor November 13, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    Part of me can understand why he was told to shut it down but then the other half of me doesn’t.

    I suppose that people (especially fellow soldiers) reading a negative rant on the war would lower morale. To be frank, that is something we can’t afford.

    On the other hand, however, it’s not like soldiers over there aren’t thinking the same thing. They are still over there doing their job and getting the job done. They may not like it…but they push through.

    This is without saying all of the sickening pranks/misc. stuff they’ve been doing to people and animals.

    I’ve seen videos of soldiers chanting to locals (who don’t speak English) and say, “F— IRAQ! F— IRAQ!” and of course, the locals join in and solders think it’s funny.

    I saw a video of soldiers pushing a donkey off a cliff and hurling a little not even a year old puppy off a plateau. That just makes me WISH that those soldiers are shot.

    That is why American’s are hated today. That is why they stereotype us. We don’t like the war, you don’t like the war, no body likes the war…but grow the fuck up and accept that fact that you enlisted to fight for America no matter what. You may not agree with the reasons but you still signed up for it. Don’t take it out on other people and animals. That’s just one of the most dishonorable things I’ve ever witnessed…

    …and my God have mercy on your pathetic souls…


    On a seperate note, How about them Phillies =P

  2. 2 memetrics November 13, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    If it’s honest analysis, I think it’s a good thing. If it’s misinformation, it would be bad–or sensitive info, I understand that completely.

    Donkeys and puppies–the military is a big almagamation. Not everybody is going to be firing on all cylinders. I’ve worked in companies and gone to schools a heckuva a lot smaller, people-wise, than the arm, but what some of those folks did had nothing to do with the school or me or anything but their own messed up heads. That being said, I’ll extend even most suck-ass soldiers a little more leniency than most, because they pick a job where they get shot at and often don’t get the credit they deserve. And I’m saying this as a guy who once thought a green beret was about to slit my throat–with the big-ass bowie knife that was right there. He was just effin’ with me, but it sure freaked me the hell out. But, ya know, he did a hard and important job that is destined to mess with your head–it just goes with the territory–and since I got out of it with my throat uncut (and with a resolution never to be alone with this particular person again), I let that go. Semper fi, and go Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines. Cuz I never enlisted. I don’t like getting shot at.

    But, yeah–no throwing puppies off cliffs. Uncool, guys. Uncool.

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