Are All Liberals Going to Be This Insufferable? Graceless and Hubristic Victors?

The short answer is yes. What am I talking about? 

Well, Ezra Klein, for one. Who I normally like. I disagree with him, but he often seems thoughtful and serious and interesting. Then he comes up with stuff like this

Barack Hussein Obama was, arguably, the country’s most unlikely candidate for highest office. He embodied, or at least invoked, much of what America feared. His color recalled our racist past. His name was a reminder of our anxious present. His spiritual mentor displayed a streak of radical Afro-nationalism. He knew domestic terrorists and had lived in predominantly Muslim countries. There was hardly a specter lurking in the American subconscious that he did not call forth.

Excuse me. I have to barf.


Cute Baby. Appropriate Sentiment.

Cute Baby. Appropriate Sentiment.

No, dude. He’s a flockin’ socialist. He says he’s going to take money from rich people and give it to everybody else, and he’s going to deliver easy solutions to all our problems, and he’s really convincing. And more people liked the idea of the government taking somebody else’s money and giving it to them, this time around. People like hand outs. It’s a fact.

Oh, Jeepers H. Crackers. 

And that was his great strength. He robbed fear of its ability to work through quiet insinuation. He forced America to confront its own subconscious. 

He will make the lame walk, He will make the blind to see! Could it be any more messianic? I fear for my need of anti-nausea medications over the next four years.

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