So, What are the Exit Polls Saying? Updated!

UPDATE 3: Obama at 207 Electoral Votes, McCain at 89. Indiana, Ohio and New Mexico all went for Obama. As of 9:09 PM Central. Alas, it’s late in my household, the children need to be put to bed, and then I suspect I will just softly sigh myself to sleep. Sigh. Looks to be a clear Obama electoral win, although his margins in the popular vote will be razor thin. At least almost half of us have some sense, even if we’re on the losing end of this big, fat shizzle sandwich. Nighty-night. More updates if I can’t sleep.

UPDATE 2: Here are the Election Returns as of now, according to CNN.

Obama has 81 electoral votes to McCain’s 34 (as of 7:30 PM Central Time). Very land-slidey for Obama. But check the current totals of actual votes. 7,160,459 for Obama, 7,119,763. That gives Obama a total of 40696 more votes than McCain. I’m wondering how much that number is going to change. Will Obama have a mandate? I hope not. Not that that will stop him. He’s bringing us change we can believe in. Whether we want it or not. Checked the totals again . . .

7,703,018 for Obama, 7,752,985 for McCain as of 7:43 PM Central time. That gives McCain a net victory in popular votes of 49,967. Admittedly, that with, what? 15% of the country called? But I’m wondering if we’re going to see a variation on 2000 here. Obama wins the electoral map. McCain wins the popular vote.

Obama has 102 electoral votes right now. John McCain has 34. But McCain has an almost 80,000 vote advantage as of  7:46 PM Central.


Back to the original post. Mostly.

You can check CNN for Exit Polls. As of me writing this, there are now exit polls available from CNN. I just changed that sentence from “no exit polls” to “now exit polls”. Cuz there weren’t any when I first wrote it, but now there are. Blogging is a very fluid medium. Get over it.

And the CNN Exit Polls are calling it for Obama. Probably cuz he won. Sigh. But, his margin of victory is less than Kerry’s was.

UPDATE: Surprise, Surprise! Exit Polls breaking for Obama. CNN comments on exit polls in blog, but I still see nothing on the site. UPDATED LATER: Now they are there. Follow the links above.

Exercise your Franchise. Even if you want to flush the country down the toilet.

Exercise your Franchise. Even if you want to flush the country down the toilet.

Also, check out how to read exit polls. And, more imporant, how does CNN claim to make election projections?

Some folks are asking: can you trust the exit polls? The answer? Probably not. Or, more accurately, the answer is: it depends. If exit polls have the Democrat leading, then they are accurate, and it is, in fact, the election itself that is incorrect.

I love the hubris of that. Just love it. If the exit polls call it for Obama and Obama wins, what are they going to say? Nothing. They’ll forget they ever complained about it. That’s how it works. This dude says because they’ll call it for the Democrat that of course they are flawed. While I’m more likely to agree with him, the design of his blog makes it almost impossible to read. I’m just saying.

I think most polling is crap. But, that’s just my opinion.

Extra: For you folks voting for Obama, or who have already voted for him, I just want to remind you. To Serve Man? It’s a cookbook.


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