Could You Be More Boring at 5:45 AM, Central Time?

“Infield Fly Rule” is the top search? Endometriosis? “Dead Leaves”? Tucker Bounds? Eris Quod Sum?

You’re still looking for that Jenny Rivera porno. No video de sexo. Hablas Ingles? Give it a break. She’s not that cute. Who cares?

Huh. “Dead Leaves” is some kind of horrible, acid-trip anime. Okay, maybe you’re more interesting than I thought, Internetz. But not in a good way.

Endometriosis is a common medical condition “characterized by growth beyond or outside the uterus of tissue resembling endometrium, the tissue that normally lines the uterus“. Eww. Women are gross.

Ah. Eris Quod Sum (Latin for “I Am What You Will Be”) was the title of last nights episode of Heroes.

What Be You I Am Will Do Onions.

Eris Quod Sum? Latin for: What Be You I Am Will Do Onions.

The Infield Fly Rule is meant to prevent unfair gamesmanship by the fielders that would result in and easy double or triple play. Apparently it was an issue in Philly last night.

You’re also searching for McCain campaign spokesman, Tucker Bounds. Can’t quite figure out why.  Not really that interested. 

You’re also searching for info on spontaneous human combustion. Apparently, there was a show on the Discovery Channel about it last night. Damn, I missed it. Looks good. Some speculate that spontaneous human combustion is caused by Alien Radio Waves. You better believe it, baby.

More on the other interesting search this morning in a few minutes, Internetz.

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