Ashley Todd Made up the Robbery Story, Which is What I Suspected


Ashley Todd, In Custody, Making a A Statement About How Shes Mentally Challenged.

Ashley Todd, In Custody, Making a A Statement About How She's Mentally Challenged.

In case it’s too troubling to actually read what I wrote. In which case, you aren’t reading this, but I’m writing it anyway. Ashley Todd made up the robbery story. Which I pretty much knew the moment I saw it and read the details, but I didn’t want to be, like, all grinchy if she had really gotten attacked. But it seemed extremely unlikely her story was true, and, as it turned out, it wasn’t. 

For you dumbshizzles saying that I’m all crazy and partisan for saying that this is a sign of her being an extremely troubled young woman, and not something endemic to McCain supporter or whacky right wingers, check out this quote on the story from HuffPo:

She will be housed in a mental health unit at the county jail for her safety and because of “her not insignificant mental health issues,” prosecutor Mark Tranquilli said.

“Not insignificant mental health issues”? She sounds troubled to me. Just like I said. Face it, people, I’m almost always right about anything I say on any issue, period. 

Some idiot in the McLame campaign–and, for those of you who can’t be bothered to read, I’ve said a coupla times at least the McNugget and his campaign staff are mostly grade-A moronimos–pushed the very-suspicious-from-the-beginning story hard, apparently. 

Now that it looks bad for the McCain camp, the national news media is all over the story.

Huh. Whaddayaknow. Where’s the Charlie Gibson talking about the Obama volunteer with the Che Flag in their “Obama Headquarters”?

The Nasville examiner of the Ashley Todd Personality Disorder.

Jay Bookman indicts the Right Wing Blogosphere for their embracing the Ashley Todd story. Not the whole story, certainly. Jay Bookman is a lefty, without question. But he has a point. The minute I saw this thing, I saw red flags. Big ones. Embracing the story as no-doubt-true does tend to indicate an issue. Are things different on the left? No. But they should be different on the right. That’s all I’m saying.


1 Response to “Ashley Todd Made up the Robbery Story, Which is What I Suspected”

  1. 1 memetrics October 25, 2008 at 6:46 pm

    I just re-read my original post. Anybody who doesn’t get that I, a conservative-ish Reaganista, called likely bs on this story, plus said in the far-fetched possibility it was true it said nothing about Obama, is just blind and dumb, and not dumb in the “can’t talk” way but in the bone-crushingly stupid way.

    I was so correct it is startling. Everybody who reads me should rejoice. I’m right about everything. Especially Skylar Deleon being a power ranger, but this, too.

    Sheesh. And I should harass Jay Bookman more, even though he had have a point. Conservatives I respect who should have been smart about this were not, so convinced they have become that Obama-ites are thugs and criminals, rather than recognizing that few a thugs and criminals justify their bad behavior with ideology that doesn’t reflect on the ideology. Admittedly, lefties conveniently forget that any time they think they can say that some nut with a gun or a bomb is someone a “result” of “conservatism” and the “bloviating on talk radio”. But, if we conservatives can recognize it’s true in one circumstance, we should be able to recognize it’s true in another. I’m just saying.

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