Big Spending on Sarah Palin’s Clothes

Nevermind billions in earmarks. Forget Democrats trying to funnel $200 million or more to partisan Democrat-hack frontgroup ACORN, forget the $2,000,000,000,000 (that’s $2 trillion, folks) that has been wiped out in the financial markets, in no small part thanks to Democraticals playing fast and loose with “affordable housing” via their largely unregulated (because Democratics didn’t want no oversight) big-money playgrounds, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Forget the gazillions in taxes Democrats are planning to put in their pockets once they’ve got unbeatable majorities and the Whitehouse and can suck the gold fillings out of your teeth with their new fair-and-balanced tax plans. And forget that that’s all your tax money.

Sarah Palin, in Fancy Clothes. That Uppity Alaskan Woman. Just Who The Hell Does She Think She Is, Wearing Expensive Clothes That Are For Liberal Elites and Hollywood Types?
Sarah Palin, in Fancy Clothes. That Uppity Alaskan Woman. Just Who The Hell Does She Think She Is, Wearing Expensive Clothes That Are For Liberal Elites and Hollywood Types?

Republicans have spent a lot of money for Sarah Palin’s clothes! Tragedy! Scandal! One report has it at $150,000 dollars. Another report has it at $220,000.

Sarah Palin, Wearing Nice Clothes. The Outrage! The Scandal!
Sarah Palin, Wearing Nice Clothes. The Outrage! The Scandal!

Forget Bill Ayers. Forget Obama and Ayers Annenberg Challenge, an “educational” program designed to indoctrinate school children into Marxism and anarchism instead of, I dunno, teaching them to read and write. Forget Joe Biden promising Obama will be tested with a terrorist attacks or direct military threats because the international community will see Obama as weak and inexperienced. Sarah Palin’s handlers in the McCain campaign spent a lot of money on new fancy duds for public appearances and what not.  

As the PuffHo’s note, Palin Clothes Spending has Dems Salivating. How much did Hillary Clinton spend on her clothes during the campaign? I’m sure it was all off-the-rack stuff from Dress Barn, right? Bah.

For that matter, how much money does Michelle Obama spend on her designer duds? Not to mention, those pearls she likes to wear. Hmm.

There’s more outrage over this than the AIG Spa Day that cost more than twice what Sarah Palin’s clothes–which are going to be donated to charity after the campaign, BTW–and was, for all practical purposes, done on the tax payers dime, not the campaign donors dime.

The conclusion to draw? First, while this is supposed to somehow illustrate Republican hypocrisy and that the down-to-earth Sarah Palin “image” is all bullshiznit, it’s actually the media elites and big liberal Democrats and partisan hacks pushing this story that are the hypocrites. What kind of wardrobe do they have? How expensive is Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe?

Michelle Obama wearing . . . what? Versace? Donna Karan? No, Im sure shes wearing Jaclyn Smith from K-Mart. And the pearls, too. Fricking double-standardized hippo-crits.
Michelle Obama wearing . . . what? Versace? Donna Karan? No, I’m sure she’s wearing Jaclyn Smith from K-Mart. And the pearls, too. Fricking double-standardized hippo-crits.

Those folks don’t buy off-the-rack at Zales, I hate to tell you. None of them. And I doubt their clothes are going to charity after the campaign. And how pricey is Katie Couric’s wardrobe? Or any of the folks in the media? Is it just me, or is Michelle Obama sporting some new big expensive piece of bling everytime she shows up somewhere? The media’s response to that? Not interested. We gotta nuke Palin. Kill her, they shout. Why isn’t anybody reporting on that?

And that would be the second thing to draw as a conclusion. These folks are desperate to destroy Palin, to completely discredit her, and to drive a wedge between her and the people that love her. They are much more hostile to her than they are to McCain? Why? Because, McCain, for all his objectionable not-being-a-full-on-Marxist and being a Republican, is a Washington insider. In the end, he’s much more palatable than a salt-of-the-earth, tough-as-nails, regular-joe woman like Sarah Palin. The very idea that some of you peasants, you rubes, you red state neanderthals–the idea that you might get someone you like anywhere near the Whitehouse is anethema to them. So whatever it takes.

Can’t wait to vote for Palin come November. Yah, I know, Obama is gonna win. But I’m casting my vote for Palin. And Palin ain’t going nowhere, no matter what you libs throw at her, and no matter how much you wish it to be true.

And, if a miracle happens, and she ends up as Veep in the Whitehouse, I will luxuriate in the sweet taste of the elite liberal tears that will be raining down from the ivory towers that house them, and all their superiority. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

11 Responses to “Big Spending on Sarah Palin’s Clothes”

  1. 1 ak October 23, 2008 at 12:12 am

    ACtually it is well known that Michele Obama does in fact buy her clothes from K-Mart and other low end stores. Obama wears moderately priced suits. Unfortunately, while I am a McCain supporter, I believe that Sarah Palin has done a disservice to donors like myself who earnestly believed their money went for the campaign and not to her wardrobe. It seems truly hypocritical that she should spend such money and then claim that she was a small town little means gal. She is a conniving women who does not deserve the office of VP and shows no leadership abilities…what does she think the american people who love this country and the republican party are FOOLS!!!

  2. 2 memetrics October 23, 2008 at 1:14 am

    Really? Well known? So she’s decked out in her Wal-Mart duds at the Waldorf Astoria, ordering two steamed lobsters, lobster rolls, and Iranian caviar and toast points? I will look into how well known it is that a chick pulling 300 large (or more) from a cushy board gig or two has been shopping off the rack and buying her clothes at Wal-Mart and the Dress Barn. I call bullshizzle on your concern troll posting, “McCain supporter.”

    BTW, “conniving woman”? Isn’t that, like, redundant?

    Heh. Michelle Obama and Obama shop at K-Mart. My rear end. Those suits are custom tailored, I hate to tell you. Maybe you can’t tell but I sure can.

  3. 3 memetrics October 23, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    Well, we know the Obama’s never shop at Wal-Mart–despite Michelle having served on the board of a Wal-Mart vendor–because they would never shop at “an anti-union store”. If they shop at K-Mart, they are also shopping at an anti-union store, because even though many individual stores, areas, and elements of the K-Mart business deal with unions, K-Mart still resists unionization at any opportunity (can’t say I blame ’em). Thus, if the Obama’s shop at K-Mart, they are shopping at an “anti-union” chain–when they said they’d never do that, because it’s immoral.

    Sheesh. Michele Obama does not shop off the rack at K-Mart. She has a fashion designer who is custom making most of her fancy duds, and that ain’t cheap.

    More on Michelle Obama’s clothes. Hint: not from K-Mart.

    Michelle Obama won the top spot on Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List. She didn’t do that shopping for low-cost outfits at discount stores.

    From this article:

    Michelle also selected to support another up-and-coming American designer, Thakoon Panichgul, when she wore an outfit from his Resort 2009 collection, as she embraced her husband on stage at the Democratic convention, when he officially accepted his presidential nomination.The Washington Post’s Robin Givan in his September 7, 2008 article “First Ladies and the Fabric of the Nation,” estimated that the price of Michelle’s outfit is around $1,500.

    More on Michelle Obama’s fancy duds here.
    How many $1500 dresses are there at K-Mart again?

    Obama’s standard suits go for $1500 piece. I can buy a nice-as-you’d-ever-need suit, with shirt, tie, belt and shoes for $300 or so. And I’d guarantee you, those aren’t the most expensive suits Obama has. More on Obama’s Designer Suit habbit. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Limousine liberals aren’t shy about spending money. They never have been. Let’s be serious.

    Laterz, Internetz Commentators.

  4. 4 Someone with a Sense Of Humor October 24, 2008 at 12:38 am

    One Word: So?

    Jessica Sarah Parker gst to keep every outift or article of clothing, etc. that she wore on “Sex and the City”. It was in her contract.

    Tell me? How is clothes not part of a campaign? Last time I checked, I wouldn’t want my candidate walking onto the stage wearing a suit purchased at a thrift store?

    As much as America wants to say they want an everyday (wo)man running for office, we want them to look good. As $150,000-$220,000 is excessive, we want our leaders to look strong, not unkempt.

    Lemme know when we nominate a presidental candidate who wears suits from high school.

  5. 5 memetrics October 24, 2008 at 1:23 am

    True, Humorous. Tain’t unusual. It’s a process of taking what normally goes on in such circumstances–Hillary Clinton had someone comparing approximately $42,000 worth of pantsuits before her convention speech to see which looked best behind the podium, and somehow arrived with the carrot-colored one–and, yah, it’s a lot of money for duds, but that’s how the game is played at that level. They all do it to a greater or lesser degree. And it’s happened forever.

    Adlai Stevenson showed everybody the hole in his shoe he had worn walking the miles in his election campaign, but it wasn’t because the dude couldn’t afford another pair of shoes. It was about image.

    It’s a lot of money to spend on clothes, but she looks good, and I guarantee you most DC politician’s wardrobes are stocked with $1500+ suits and $400+ shoes, because that’s how they roll. One of Palin’s problem is she didn’t have a wardrobe like that on hand.

    Given everything else, it’s amazing that this is an issue. The thing is, except to pundits and folks in the MSM–and, admittedly, only the Brokaw/Couric/Gibson level journalists spend that kind of cash on their wardrobes–I don’t think this is an issue. Most of ’em have seen Carrie Bradshaw pick up a $700 pair of Jimmy Choos because she just had to have ’em. They don’t think top-tier politicians might end up sporting some high-priced footwear?

    The fact is, almost all politicians suck and the world is doomed. Doomed! I’m more concerned about what little money I have managed to save getting flushed down the toilet cuz of Fannie Mae and whatnot. Call me crazy . . .

  6. 6 memetrics October 24, 2008 at 1:27 am

    I usually buy $50 New Balance tennis shoes. They last about a year. Do me good. Not sure if I could run a successful political campaign in ’em. I did spend $400 on my last suit. Had to have it for a funeral. That was painful.

    But if Palin showed up to every stump speech in the same two nice suits, do we not think the chattering classes would yammer about her? How low class it is? Ever seen the Simpson’s where Marge gets one nice, overly-expensive dress and they join the country club and she keeps trying to tailor it so it looks like a different nice dress and the country club women start harping on her about it?

    That’s the kind of comparison the media would be making if she showed up in the same two get-ups every time: Marge Simpson. Trailer trash with one nice dress for church on Sunday.

    These kind of things are always set up so they are no-win. You are damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    That’s why anybody who doesn’t like being damned no matter what they do stay out of politics. And don’t get married. Ba-dum-dum.

  7. 7 crazy old cat lady October 24, 2008 at 5:53 am

    Someone with a Sense of Humor asked: “Lemme know when we nominate a presidential candidate who wears suits from high school”.
    As I recall, the first time Ralph Nader ran for president, he sure looked like he did, and it had no effect on his candidacy, I’m sure. His suit always looked like he slept in it. Wonder if he bought a new suit for the 2008 run?
    Seriously, I’m a life-long democrat, and I’m so ashamed of all that I’ve heard and read,I can’t join that whining, crybaby crew. I’ll be voting for Jonh McCain and Sarah Palin, proudly.

  8. 8 Someone with a Sense Of Humor October 24, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    So…people actually read what I have to say?

    …I’m impressed.

    Well crazy old cat lady, you are 100% correct. Although, he was not major league material. He was a third party nominee and wasn’t actually expected to win. If I remember correctly, the third party candidate that made it the farthest in an election was Ross Peret in the 1992 election with 18.9% popular vote.

    You did beat me, cat lady, I’ll give you that, but, perhaps I should rephrase my statement:

    Let me know when a major candidate is nominated wearing Dickies and Converses.

    Without nit-picking this statement apart, can everyone at least catch my drift?

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