Still Searching for Karla Escobar? Be Carefully, Pipples! Updated.

Absolute top search result on The Google as of the time I am posting this is a spyware/malware hijacking type site.

Link Title is “Montpelier KARLA ESCOBAR”.

Link says “ + ESCOBAR%3C/title%3E%3Cscript%3 Edocument.locati…” but it redirects and attempts to hijack your computer. Shows a fake “Virus Checking” screen and tries to bully you into downloading some kind of trojan horse. Apparently, no easy place to complain about such things to The Google, so I’m warning you.

Karla Escobar. Don't know where they got this photo. Don't click on the little Play Button Icon. It button does nothing!

Karla Escobar. Don't press the little play button. It does nothing. Nothing!

A few others do similar things. Don’t add any software. Don’t click Okay. Don’t let websites run “the following add-ons”. Don’t let any of them install new active-x controls, etc. Just run! Run fast as you can! Force quit as necessary.

Want worthy Karla Escobar articles, check the news search results, or you can just go here.

Karla Escobar coverage at Mahalo.

Update 2: Here’s her official website,

NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Immediately pornographic. You have been warned.

Update 1: A site with, purportedly, the Karla Escobar porno video. Definitely Pornographic. Definitely Not Safe For Work. X-Rated. You have been warned. Karla Escobar video site here.

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