Tim Mahoney in Sex Scandal? Nah, It’s Not A Scandal! He’s a Democrat!

Congressman Tim Mahoney, who replaced Mark Foley (the Republican congressman who was a little too friendly in his IMs to certain staffers), has an inconvenient scandal of his own. Of course, it’s nothing like sending suggestive IMs to certain staffers, but having a mistress that you bribe with a job and who then blackmails you for a payoff to avoid a lawsuit . . . heck, that’s okay, cuz Mahoney is a Democrat. Sex scandals are cool when you’re a Democrat.

Tim Mahoney. I hope his mistress was cuter than he is. Eww.

Tim Mahoney. I hope his mistress was cuter than he is. Eww.

Says in the article (click Tim Mahoney’s ugly mug to read it) that Mahoney is also calling for a probe into himself. He wants them to probe him. Dude is messed up. Seriously. A major perv. This is what they dumped Mark Foley for? Good thinking, voters.

Remember how terrible and evil and insidious Mark Foley’s sexually suggestive text messages were? Remember what a horrible, terrible thing George Allen’s macaca was? But Tim Mahoney was paying hush money to an ex-mistress and the defense is: well, it wasn’t campaign funds. So it’s okay. I’m sorry, George Allen was using campaign funds to buy macacas? Mark Foley was using campaign funds to solicit interns? 

Double-standard? Yes. Surprising. Nope.

Ah, here’s the homewrecker, Patricia Allen:

Here she is. Jeesh, shes about as hard to look at as he is.

Here she is. Jeesh, she's about as hard to look at as he is.

More on the Mahoney Scandal from Right Pundits. Ace of Spades notes that Tim Mahoney does have a Republican challenger. That would be Tom Rooney. Tom looks more All-American, and is just Better Looking, than Tim Mahoney. By a long shot. Vote Tom Rooney, you people in Florida who can vote for him. Send Obama to the Whitehouse if you must, but kick old Tim Mahoney the heck out.

Update: Now you folks are searching a lot on Patricia Allen. More news and views on the whole mess here. For you folks who think I got my head up my arse, and there ain’t no difference in how Republicrats and Demogogicals get treated in these sexy, sexy scandals, I don’t care what you think. You’re just wrong with a capital ‘P’, and that’s hard to do, but you’ve done it.

He may get the heave-ho, but the Dems already tried to cover it up–when complaining about how Hastert tried to cover up Foley–and they aren’t getting called out on it, or calling out themselves. They get treated different.

But, when it comes down to it, they are all Politicians, which are basically just Lawyers who already have all your money, so they are all pretty much full of shiznit. They just prove themselves to be monumentally stupid, too.

2 Responses to “Tim Mahoney in Sex Scandal? Nah, It’s Not A Scandal! He’s a Democrat!”

  1. 1 Philip October 14, 2008 at 8:39 am

    How is this not a scandal?
    Everybody knows about it, even the woman’s photo is all over the news! Mahoney is surely on the way out. Show me a ranking Democrat who says what happened is alright.

    You are suffering a severe case of myopia, I’m afraid. Right in line with the general atmosphere of complaining about so called left leaning media while outright lies on Fox and in many other media are widely tolerated.

    Imagine Obama would have had the hasty and unsavory divorce McCain has had: do you really think he’d have gotten away with it as easy as McCain? Don’t think so, all thanks to partisan views such as yours.

  2. 2 memetrics October 14, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    How is this not a scandal?

    I dunno. Congressman William Jefferson got caught with $90,000 worth of cash in his freezer. Jefferson was videotaped by the FBI receiving $100,000 worth of $100 bills in a leather briefcase at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Arlington, Virginia. Told the FBI agent he’d need to get $500,000 to bribe the Nigerians. And on and on.

    He’s still serving in the house. Don’t tell me about “Oh, look, it’s such a scandal, there’s absolutely no difference between how Republicrats and Demagogues are treated!” Cuz there is. You tell me a Republican that was found with $90k in bribe money, and that diverted National Guard resources to go get his bribe money during Katrina, that would have not only not been ejected from the house, but would actually survive a frickin’ election cycle. While his party was yammeing on about the Republican culture of corruption, cuz Mark Foley liked to send suggestive emails. He didn’t even have a wide stance at the urinal.

    Tim Mahoney ain’t big enough, or been there long enough, for all the Dems to put their cred on the line to defend this guy. So they have two strategies–faintly condemn him, if they have to, or to avoid the subject. All the folks lining up in the Dems to take on Mark Foley apparently aren’t worried about Tim Mahoney paying bribes to chicks that he diddled, and had workin’ for him.

    You are suffering from a severe case of Drinkin-the-Kool-Aidia, I’m afraid. Jack ass.

    And don’t tell me what I’d be down on Obama about. If he got a hasty divorce and married a way-hotter wife who was maybe a few years younger and there were lots of shots of her in a bikini, I’d fully support Obama on that.

    I like the Obamarama. You just jumping to conclusions, douchey. I’m voting for Palin/McNugget because Palin was way hotter than Joe Biden.

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