Rachel Carson? She’s Not Hot!

What are you Internets so interested in Rachel Carson for? What’d she ever do for you?

Definitely Not Hot.
Rachel Carson: Definitely Not Hot.

Some people say Silent Spring was mostly a scam, full of made-up or fudged data. Others think it was the best thing since sliced bread. What do I know? That Rachel Carlson was definitely not hot, so it’s strange that you Internets are all on about her.

Lots of people worry that the DDT ban has killed kajillions because of malaria and whatnot. Maybe, but maybe not. You read, you decide. I’m tired.

Anyway, she helped kick off the eco-culture of Global Warming Hysteria and CFC Apocalypse that has negatively impacted my air condition and my hair spray, so I’m not fond of her. Plus, the Global Warming Freaks are so self-righteous about being blessed with special knowledge, it reminds me of this Southpark episode, Smug Alert

And we have Rachel Carlson to thank for it.

Still, I suspect there is some as yet hidden-to-me reason that you’re all on about Rachel Carlson. It can’t be that the Rachel Carlson Bridge got closed for repairs.

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