McCain Unhinged? Common Dreams Thinks So

McCain Unhinged?
McCain Unhinged?

 Common Dreams–and, by Common they mean “Communist” and by Dreams they mean “We Dream of Ruling Over you With Iron Fists in Our Perfect Socialist Utopa” . . . okay, well, that last bit is a little long, but suffice to say my dreams and theirs ain’t got nothing in common. Anyway, they say McCain is unhinged. Only they take forever to say it, going on about Republicans are evil and they are so mean by calling Democrats liberals and they shouldn’t do that and they steal elections with their mean-energy and . . . ugh. It’s exhausting to read it. If you got insomnia, you could do worse.

Anyway, you people are apparently all into the “McCain Unhinged” search term. Wanting to verify that anybody who isn’t smart enough to think just like you must be crazy. You go ahead, Internets, but I gotta tell you: that’s awfully boring.

Like pretty much everything Common Dreams says about everything.

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