The Keating Five and Obama’s a Little Defensive, Ain’t He?

Apparently, the Obama campaign has put together a 13 minute documentary about John McCain, the Keating 5, and the Making of a Financial Crisis.

This is, like, a preview:

Somehow, John McCain taking donations from this guy (along with 4 Democratics) back in the 80s represents the failed ideology of Republican Fat Cat Wealth-Lovin’ (tho McCain was the lone Republican in a scandal that otherwise involved nothing but crazy Democratics). Whatever.

More on the Keating Five.

Obama’s apparently pissed McCain is finally calling him out for association with domestic terrorists (including authoring a great educational initiative to teach kids about rebelling against authority and social justice, instead of math and, I dunno, how to read or whatnot).

Country is going to hell in a handbasket, people. Just face it. Store up ammunition, bottled water, turn your cash to gold and keep it buried in the backyard. That is all.

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