Deborah Stern does the GI Bill Wave with Paul Perrault

Or, at least you’d think that was the case, based on you Internets. This is Deborah Stern. This is Paul Perrault. What do they have in common, other than being big fans of Nudist Colony of the Dead?

Lino Donato? This is interesting? Okay, if you say so. I think you’re smoking the crack pipe.

You seem to be all excited out there about Alonzo Mourning. At least it’s not football, this time. The basketball makes a little more sense. He has a sad name.

What’s up with the GI Bill Wave Searches? Lots of soldiers coming back from Iraq looking to go to college, or what?

You’re all happy about Lisa Guerrero, I guess. Did she say something interesting I missed? Or is it because she 44 and still plenty hot?

Shes no Sarah Palin, but shes all right.
She’s no Sarah Palin, but she’s all right.

This has nothing to do with nothing, but you should hear it anyway:

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